Death of the Red Dragon

by Daniel Kelly – July 2020

       G                    Am
For 21 years we’ve been fighting,
     C   G              Am
For 21 years we’ve been strong,
          C          G
With the truth in our hearts,
And unbreakable will,
           C          G             Am   G
We have weathered the storm for so long

     C        G                Am
And now is the time for you to fall,
      Am      G            Am
Your evil has been revealed to all,
Dm                   Am
The red dragon of the east,
The vilest of beasts,
              Am            G      Am
It’s time to write your destruction on wall,
           C          G             Am
Cast the Party down, come and head the call

You fear the honest and gentle,
You despise the compassionate heart,
And that is why,
on 20 July,
Your attack on the Falun Gong starts

But now you have tortured the Uighurs,
And murdered the kids in Hong Kong,
With your compromised phones,
And face scanning drones,
The people won’t stand you for long.

You corrupted the worlds politicians,
Your tentacles reach everywhere,
With money in bags,
The Belt and Road grabs,
Let he who has ears let him hear,

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