Change or Perish

by Daniel Kelly – March 2021

G                       C               G
The first people here, they flourished and grew,
       C             G             Am       D   
They planted and burned to seasons they knew,
G                              C         G
Respecting the cycles in the river and field,
       C                    G             D             G            
Taking just what was needed from earth’s bountiful yield

C             G      D        G
Change or perish that is the way,
C             G             D      G
I hear the voice of the ancestors say,
C             G             D        G
Every small thing that you do to the land,
C             G                D             G
Will return amplified to the palm of your hand
Em                   C             D      G
Though change can be hard, just give it a try,
C             G             D             G
The earth will reward, you’ll see by and by

The settlers they cleared, ploughed, poisoned each claim,
Slaughtered the creatures on mountain and plain,
Brought in the rabbit, the fox and the toad,
Broke the old songlines with rail and road.

And now after decades of unfettered greed,
Our mother earth’s demons are finally freed,
The storm and the fire, the drought and the flood,
Have come for their payment, delivered in blood.

We can try something new, in this hour of need,
Replant and replenish land scarred by our greed,
Seek power from the sunlight, the wind and the stream,
Leave the oil in the well, and the coal in the seam

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