R2’s Song

A Parody on Taylor Swift’s ‘Our Song’

I was riding shotgun with my bolts undone in the front seat of his speeder
He’s got one-hand on his light sabre,
The other on my beeper
I look around, turn the scanner down
He says R2 is something wrong?
I say nothing I was just thinking how we don’t have a song

And he says...

Our song’s on the moon of Endor,
Staying up late, with the Ewoks dancin’
When you’re on the Falcon and you talk real low
Cause Leia’s your sister and Han doesn’t know
Our song is the laser blast
Stormtroppers, that didn’t hit you, when they should have
And when I get home ... to Tatooine again
I’ll be asking George if he can buy us again

I was lowered down the X-wing hatch after everything that day
Had gone all wrong Vader almost won,
Red Leader blown away
Got to repair bay, well on my way to my charging station,
I almost didn’t notice all the Jawas
Singing in anticipation.

I’ve seen every prequel, watched every spin off show
Waited for something to come along
That was as good as episode one.

I was riding shotgun with my bols undone
In the front seat of his speeder
I grabbed a pen and an old napkin
And I... wrote down our song

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