Choose to Challenge

by Daniel Kelly, for International Women’s Day 2021

Em                  Bm
Challenge the silence, imposed on the child,
Am                  Em              C
Bring back their voice, let them tell what’s been done,
Em                  Bm
Groomed and abused, in a system that failed,
Am          Em      C       Em
Then threatened with prison, for sharing their tale.

C           G       D       G
The choice is for you, It is made every day,
C           G       D           C
To ignore what is wrong, or stand in its way,
C             G               D        C
Use your own power, though small it may be,
C           G           D       Em
To fight for the voiceless, to be equal and free.

Challenge the blame, laid on the woman,
The hundreds of reasons, that make it her fault,
The drink, or the dress, or the time in the evening,
That made her fair game, for sexual assault.

Challenge the free pass, we give to the man,
He was young, he was foolish, he made a mistake,
In destroying the lives, of a million young women,
Think of his career, and the money he’d make.

Challenge the silence, challenge the lies,
The spin on the TV, the wolves in sheep's guise,
All this stuff happened, so long ago,
Women don’t remember, what would they know

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