The Shady Willows

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

On this path I have been walking,
For more than twenty years,
Learning to hold things lightly,
And swallow bitter tears,
Living by the universal law,
The teacher has conveyed,
A clear but a narrow path,
On which pure gold is made

Walking past the shady willows,
When my heart is heavy and low,
In the distance I see flowers,
And my hopes they overflow,
For in another village,
My destiny awaits,
A bright and happy future,
Follow me it’s not too late

To speak words that are truthful,
To quiet the wandering mind,
To treat all with compassion,
And patience for to find,
To give up craving power,
And the lust for fortune and fame
To acknowledge every weakness,
and never pass the blame.

Though faced with public ridicule,
Abandoned by family and friend,
Some beaten, imprisoned and tortured,
Facing violence without end,
But we have endured bravely,
Never lifting an angry hand,
Till the truth is shining brightly
And floods across the land


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