The 10 Sons of Haman

By Daniel Kelly - 2021
  Am                  C
So Esther I’ve been thinking,
    G            Am
As Purim comes again,
    C                G
Did you want to be a hero,
Am      G        Am
Like in the story told back then,
Am               C
Or were you just a pretty pawn,
    G                Am
In the bloody games of men.

The said Esther keep your head down,
Esther you be brave,
We need to sacrifice your body,
Our people for to save,
So don’t spurn the king’s advances
Let him make you his slave.

         C            G
And the 10 sons of Haman,
         Am           G
Call to me from in the grave,
    Am           G
Were we so damn unworthy,
C            G       Am
Not good enough to save

So Esther took the mission,
She did as she was told,
Broke the bread and shared the bed
Of a man so cruel and old,
And when the time it came for blood,
She spoke the words so cold.

Was there really a conspiracy,
Had the threat been real and true,
Or was she manipulated,
As men so often do?
For when it comes to casting stone,
The first was thrown by you.

So as you celebrate this Purim,
Give thought to what has been,
In the stories that are passed along
The truth is often lean,
The true power of women,
Is not in man’s machine

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