Building Bridges

Written for the Filk Ontario Song Contest 2022

Now I’ve been writing songs,
       G            C
Since I was four or five,
        F           C
They help me to engage with life,
     F            G
And let emotion thrive,

     F                  C
But I’ve got a little problem,
          F             C
That I’ll put into this song,
          F             C
There’s a part of writing,(So I’m told)
     C         G       C
That I’ve been getting wrong.

It’s not a song,
It’s not a song,
          F                  C
If it’s just got verse and chorus,
     Dm                   G
then you’re doing it all wrong,
It’s not a song,
(Not a proper song),
     F             C
If it hasn’t got a bridge,
     G                  C
Then it’s not a proper song,

There was this song that I had writ,
I thought was pretty fine,
So elegant in melody,
I crafted every line,

But then in the competition,
The feedback it was thus,
If you’d only put a bridge in,
It might have impressed us.


I think I’m doomed to writing,
These songs that aren’t complete,
If I could figure bridges out,
That would be pretty neat.

But I don’t know how to build one,
And I haven’t got a plan,
So I’ll stick to writing the mediocre,
Half songs that I can.

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