Easter Hunt

by Daniel Kelly

   G                  C
It’s another Easter morning,
     G        D
The hunt is under way
C                    Bm          Am
Treasures glitter under every tree

While life is springing in the north,
It’s waning in the south,
         C            D           G
We revel in the last warm autumn days.

     G          D
Running on, Running Free
                C      D        G
Through each flower, leaf and tree,
     Bm         C
Let the magic of each moment
          C          D    G
Take you where you need to be.
     Bm       C
Not a care for tomorrow,
     G    D
Just living for today,
C            D        G
Laughing at the beauty on the way.

The seasons they are turning,
In the mind of every child,
Nature shares its message clear and true.

But absurd religious dogma,
Then eats their dreams away,
Draining colour from the summer leaves


Hold on to your child eyes,
Keep the wonder in your heart
Never let your searching soul be tamed

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