G                                            Em  D      G
Who is he that the faithful flock would let him lead?
G                         Bm
At what cost, is your honour lost,
              Em     D     G
Your heart filled with greed,
              Em    D     G
Your heart filled with greed,

C           D    G
It is a con you see,
C              G    D
Oh, yes a con indeed
            Em    D  G        Em
You’re no child of God, not a chance
         C   G    D      G
You were never freed, never freed.

Sell the doctrine, of success, watch the money breed,
Paint a lie, of pious life,
With a poison seed,
With a poison seed,

Just you take, some simple chords, and an emotive lead,
Tap the insecurity,
and you can make them bleed,
yes you can make them bleed,

Pay the writers, pennies worth, claim it a Christian deed,
Push the goods, on the gullible,
Watch your congregation breed,
Watch your congregation breed,

Buddies with Prime Ministers, you share a common creed,
Sell the dream, of prosperity,
When it’s on them you feed,
When it’s on them you feed

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