Turning the Wheel

by Daniel Kelly – 2022

G               Em
Nations rise, cultures fall,
C             G
Planets and atoms spin,
      Am                   D
The wheel revolves and changes all,
       C              G
Come seek the truth within.

C                    G
The wheel held lightly in your hands,
Am              D
Will make the world anew,
Em                   G
Changing everything around,
C          D       G
Just as it changes you.

G              C           C        G
Nine times forward, and nine times back,
Am              D
The ghost and demons reel,
     Em                    G
The ship sales safely through the storm,
C       D         G
While the Master turns the wheel

The world of ten directions,
Shaken to it’s core,
A wish to find salvation,
A hope that there is more.

To walk the path of honesty,
With compassion held for all,
To endure the worlds suffering,
Upright and standing tall

The tempering of will and flesh,
No easy road to take,
The sand it must be sifted,
If gold you wish to make.

Amidst the vat of fortune,
Of money lies and fame,
The heart can be so easily
Drawn deep into the game

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