When Will the Moon be Bright

An English take on the 11th century poem by Su Shi

G                        C               D
It’s the ninth year in the reign of ShenZong,
      C                 G                 D
And tonight I have been drinking for so long,
      Em                C           D                 G
But I’ll put down my glass, and write a poem of the past,
      C           G           D
And remembering you my brother You

       C                D                 G
Oh the moon, how the moon she shines tonight,
      C                 Em          D     G
I’ll lay down in the river of her light, tonight

When will the moon be shining clear and bright?
With a wine glass in my hand I ask the night,
Do the seasons in the heavens, change just as they do down here,
I wonder if its Autumn for you there,

If I could ride the wind back home I’d fly,
Yet I dread those crystal towers in the sky
Far too cold for me, dancing with my shadow here I’ll be,
The heavens they are no place for a man

The moon she rises over my house of red,
Shining on the sleepless in their bed,
Through the ornate window pane, no sadness comes like rain
She always seems so full when I’m apart

A human life is joy and sorrow and loss and gain,
Just as the moon she waxes and she wanes,
We can live long in imperfection, just as its always been,
And share the moon, no matter where we are.

2 thoughts on “When Will the Moon be Bright

    1. Hi Becky, thanks for listening. It is strange that most modern recitations ignore the first verse. The first verse makes it clear that this poem is about Su Shi drinking too much and missing his brother.

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