Cool Rock

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

    G            C          D       G
Let me show you this cool rock I found,
    C            D        D7
It was sitting here just on the ground,
    Em         C    D        G
I snuck up on it without a sound,
    C        D         D7     G
I hope you like this rock I found.

Yesterday I heard a tune,
It reminded me of a crescent moon,
I hope I can sing it for you soon,
And you will like my little tune,

    C            G      C        G
For beauty is there for you to see,
    C   D      D7
In the air and under tree,
    Em         C    D        G
If you look for it, it’s sure to be,
    C        D         D7     G
Something that you can share with me. 

I heard a bird as I walked by,
He whistled sweetly in the sky,
Turned his head and caught my eye,
Such a colourful happy guy.

One morning I was feeling sad,
The world is sometimes awful bad,
But a little light can still be had,
If you look for magic, you can be glad

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