Second Coming of Trump

by Daniel Kelly - 2024

       Em            G
Yay verily I saw a beast,
D                    Em
Rise up from the deep,
          Em            C
And the masses shouted out his name,
       G             D
Although he was a creep,
       C               G
He played upon their fears and dreams,
       Em            D
And spun them pretty lies,
       Em            G
But all along his plan was for,
D             Em
Democracy’s demise.

       G                    D
So get your house in order,
       C             G
And lock away your hope,
       Em                   C
For the hangman’s at the scaffold,
       G                    D
And he’s tightening the rope,
       Em            C
Get ready for the dangle,
       G            D
Get ready for the jump,
                    C      D         G
Get ready for the second coming of Trump

This beast he is not new to us,
We’ve lived his lies before,
He defiled the seat of power,
He flouted every law,
How can they be so gullible,
To trust him once again,
When all he wants is vengeance,
And for democracy to end.

Now look you to the ballot box,
And look you to the law,
And fight with every righteous heart,
The wolf that’s at the door,
Your freedom doesn’t come for free,
But with a price that must be paid,
To hold the wall of bricks and stones,
That with others blood were laid.

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