Twisting of the Rope (Casadh an Tsúgáin)

My translation of the Gaelic song, original here.

If you're with me, Be with me in front of the whole house
If you're with me, Be with me all day and all night
If you're with me, Be with me truly in your heart
Such sorrow for me, That wedded we can never be.
Oh what misfortune has led me to this place?
There is many a lass in the village that I left behind
I called at the house of my true love last night
But her mother had me twisting rope till I was out the door
I would plow and plant, The seed deep in the soil
And I would drive the cows to best grass in the fields,
I would shoe the fastest horse that ever was,
But none of these are fit to win your hand

My hair is grey, but not from length of years,
Fair words will never sate the hunger in me
And I’ve wasted over a year, in courting you
I am hunted like a deer chased on the moor.

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