Yass Valley Wind Farm Song

       G                        C             G
As I sit on the back porch, of my thousand acre lot,
    D                               D             G
I look out on the gorgeous view, proud of what I’ve got,
      G                                   C        G
But now those flamin’ greenies, want to ruin it for me,
        C               G             D               G
With solar plants and wind farms, far as the eye can see.

          G                           C               G
I don’t want your flamin’ wind farm, here in my back yard,
       D                                   D                    G
Just put the darn thing somewhere else, sure it can’t be that hard,
         G                                    C       D     Em
Give me coal seam gas and strip mines, but somewhere else instead,
              C                G          D             G
Cause by the time the planet boils, I’m sure I will be dead

I’ve done all of the research, on the inter webs,
Those windmills don’t make power, kill bats and birdies dead,
They send out emanations, that brainwash all the sheep,
And adding insult to injury, they make it hard to sleep.

Now I’ve convinced the council, to keep us in the past,
There won’t be any wind farms, my view is safe at last,
It’s a pity about the weather, no water for the crops,
No future for my grand kids, but at least my view is tops.

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