Look Away

G                               C                  G
Give me your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
C                          G        C           Am         D
I’ll put them in cages at Walmart, never their parents to see.
  G                            C              D        G
Offer no comfort or caring; accuse them of fanciful crimes,
C                   G          C          Am        D
What happened to America? I can’t understand these times.

Dictators and despots are welcome, to sit at the table with me,
On the graves of a million bodies, I’ll shake their hands with glee,
I’ll ridicule friends and allies, born in a hundred wars,
Wipe my feet on their allegiance; replace them with bandits and whores,

G              D         C             G                            
Look away, Look away, I mustn’t look away.
C                                G
Though it tears at my soul and body,
C                        D            
And I wish for an end today.
G                                 D
I will sing of the truth and the horror,
C                       G
While I have a voice to sing
C                   G
Hope for a better tomorrow,
C                   D       G
When the bells of freedom ring

By the golden door, Liberty still stands,
A light in the face of the lost, the shines across the lands,
With the trappings of democracy crumbled, We are yet to discover the cost.
With the rights of women trampled, belief and hope are lost.

In a land without truth and compassion, There are tragedies still to unfold,
How much more can our hearts whither, Is there no end to the hatred and cold
But I’ve seen hope the horizon, she is waiting by the shore,
To hear our voices cry freedom, and abandon hate once more

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