Small Town

by Daniel Kelly

    C         G               C                 G
Living in a small town, were people know your name,
     C                       G                   D                 G
You can count on folks in a small town, There’s nothing quite the same

      C                     G            D                  G
I’ve spent some time in the big town, getting lost in the crowd,
     C                  G               C       D         G
In shopping malls and parking lots, so angry, scared and loud

There was Allan at the toy store, with books and games and more,
A wonder land for every child, from three to ninety four

There Tootsie, Thyme and Traders, cafe’s to name a few,
Friendly faces on a Saturday, caffeine to get you through.

The members of town council, you meet them in the street,
They don’t arrive by limousine, mostly walking on their feet.

At the Market’s on a Saturday, you’re sure to meet a friend
Fresh and local produce, music and a hand to lend

You’ll hear Brian on the radio, spinning up some tunes,
With Trish or Jan or Johnny, reading the local news

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