Speeding Down to Mos Eisley

A Filk by Daniel Kelly, to the tune of ‘Ol’ Maui’ – May 4 2021

It's a damn tough life full of sand and strife
We live on Tatooine.
And we don't give a damn when the day is done
If all the droids are clean.
'cause I’m Tosche bound from the moisture ground
With a speeder, fast and mean
And I’ll raise my stats, as I shoot wamp rats,
On the sands of Tatooine.

Speeding down to Mos Eisley, me boys
Speeding down to Mos Eisley,
With Obi-Wan, then to Alderan
Speeding down to Mos Eisley,

The droid R2, had a job to do,
A message to pass on,
With a well placed clout, the princess came out,
Pleading for help from Obi-Wan,
No-one by that name, lived out on the plain,
Twas a mystery that’s for sure,
The restraining bolt, was soon pulled out,
Hoping I could learn some more.

I met Old Ben, in his cavern then,
When the sand folk knocked me down,
He showed me a sword, that my dad had wored,
Until Vader cut him down,
If the death star plans, were in empire hands,
The rebellion would be through,
Owen and Beru, troopers killed them to,  
I knew what I had to do,

At Mos Eisley port, transport we sought,
for our trip to Alderan,
Little did we know, that Han Solo,
Was smuggler, on the run,
In a hail of fire, and stormtrooper ire,
We blasted into space,
On an epic quest, with many a test,
And monsters for to face,

In my twilight years, after many tears,
I hid on a planet then,
Like Yoda before, I shut my door,
After training Kylo Ren,
But Rey has come, and my jobs not done,
How much more can I do?  
So here’s to you, I’ll drink milk that’s blue
With the porgs on old Ahch-To.

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