Super Worms

by Daniel Kelly - 2022
      G                       Am
Could it be a stick, could it be a string,
D                       C        G
Lying in the dirt, not doing a thing,
      G                   Am
But wait, it wiggles, it moves and squirms,
      D                       G
Could this be one of those super worms?

C       G         D       C
Worms, Worms, short and long,
      D                       G
They help our plants grow fast and strong,
C       G         Am
Worms, Worms, in the ground,
D                       G
They’re super friends to have around.

Worms they eat the fallen leaves,
Drag them down, munch as they please,
And when they poop the stuff back out,
It makes the plants all dance about.

Sometimes the dirt is big and rough,
For roots of plants, it’s just too tough,
But worms they grind it nice and small,
Enough to eat, for one and all.

Worms leave holes, wherever they go,
So water and air can freely flow,
The keep the dirt healthy and strong,
With lot of worms, you can’t go wrong.

Out in the field, the cows and sheep,
They weigh a lot, but here’s a secret to keep,
The worms below, down in the ground,
Weigh more than them, it has been found.

So when you see another worm,
Take a while to watch it squirm,
And you should remember to,
There’s 7 million worms for every one of you.

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