A Piece of White Paper

G                          C               G
Standing outside, with a piece of white paper,
     G               D          G
All over China, we’re taking a stand.
Our voices were silenced, on threat of violence,
     C          G          D          G
But now we’ve awoken, all over the land.

     G            C               G
all over the land, all over the land,
C          G
We defy the Party,
     D         G
all over the land.

The children are burning, locked up in a tower,
Out west in Urumqi, they’ll never come home,
The government crackdown, on covid continues,
While the rest of the world, are all free to roam.

They’re all free to roam, They’re all free to roam,
While we’re locked up in cages,
They’re all free to roam

We’re calling for Xi, to let go of power,
He’s had his two terms, its time to step down,
And while we are talking, of unfettered power,
It’s time for the Party, to return to the ground,

Return to the ground, Return to the ground,
It’s the end of the Party,
Now return to the ground.

We’re standing in Shanghai, standing in Guangzhou,
We stand in Beijing, and out in Chengdu,
Listen to our voices, we will not be silenced,
You may kill a few, but we’re coming for you.

we’re coming for you, we’re coming for you,
There’s power in the people,
we’re coming for you.

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