The Forbidden Forest

by Daniel Kelly, on the passing of Robbie Coltrane

     G            Em       C          G
The forest is dark, so wild and untamed,
            Em    C        D
Filled with unicorns and spiders,
     G          Em              C          G
For a student forbidden, But there I must go,
   G            Em
Malfoy got me detention,
       D              G
I must face what I don’t know

  G      C      G
Hagrid take my hand,
     C      G        D
I’m heading for the forest,
Em       C           D    G
Hold your glowing lantern high,
     C          D          G
And lead me through the dark,

Though scared I’ll be brave, If you walk beside,
I’ll face the dark unknown
If you tell me the things you shouldn’t have told,
And lend to me your strength
I’ll learn to be bold.

You need your wits about you, When to the forest you go,
Not everything’s safe or friendly,
The Centaurs are noble, and no wizards slave,
So learn to respect,
If its power you crave,

So walk closely by in Hagrid’s steps,
Don’t stay into the darkness,
There’s worse things than werewolves lurking in there,
Wild cars and big spiders,
And old devil’s snare.

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