A Place in the Fire

Words by Daniel Kelly 2023

TTTO: A Place in the Choir by Bill Staines

All god’s creatures got a place in the fire,
D                       G
Some on the grill and some in the fryer,
     C                  G
Or roasted whole on great log pyre,
    D             G
Serve them up on a plate, a bowl,
Or anything you got now.

     G                  D
The big mouth Bass he feeds on the bottom,
Catch him with a pole and a line if you got’em,
C                      G
Reeling him in can be hard to do,
     D                  G
Then cook him up in a big fish stew,

Fry those sausages up in the middle,
Pork and chicken and beef on the griddle,
Turn ‘em quick so they don’t burn,
That red meat helps us all to learn,

Listen to the pop and crackle of the bacon,
Such a fine breakfast feast we’re makin’
Pour some oil on everything,
Never eat your greens,

Cookin, in the night time, cookin in the day,
Cookin those critters every way,
Basted, roasted, grilled and fried,
From their innards to their hide.


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