Love of the Page

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

Give me the love of the page,
  C        Am       G             D
Tell the story of the dragon and mage,
G                      Bm       C
Teach my to fly, with a fancy so free,
     C           D    G
And no one will ever cage me.

Here in the pages I’ll be,
Free from the pain of the life around me,
I’m taller and faster and wiser by far,
I can reach for and catch every star.

A story is always your friend,
Will invite you inside, keep you safe till the end,
Through tears and through laughter, triumph and fear,
Reach for me I will be here,

Whether from the library or store,
Passed down the family like hard gotten lore,
The book is a world, where adventure’s alive,
It’s on books that a young mind can thrive,

So teach me to read and to learn,
To fire the mind, for knowledge to yearn,
Give me the key that unlocks every door,
There’s fantastic new magic in store,

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