Barbie Built a Bomb

by Daniel Kelly - 2023

C               G          C
Barbie lived in her dream house,
     F               C
Just caring for her man,
     F                    C
She’d cook and clean and preen for him,
F              G
Like every woman can,
     F                    C
She knew her place, and did her part,
     F          C
As every woman must,
     F               C
But then one day a tremor came,
     F       G       C
That blew it all to dust.

Barbie had a little time,
At the end of her day,
She saw a flyer on the street,
For the college down the way,
A little education,
Does every woman good,
Particle physics seemed to be the thing,
That Barbie understood,

She learnt about plutonium,
And how chain reactions ran,
She had a certain aptitude,
As good as any man,
And with a few things round the house,
And more in Ken’s garage,
She built a working prototype,
A nuclear decoupage,

F    C      G      C
Yes Barbie built a bomb,
     F      G        C
A Nuclear flippn’ a bomb,
Full of two thousand years,
Of repressed rage,
     F      G      C
Yes Barbie built a bomb.

Barbie started reading,
She expanded her mind,
She left the world of servitude,
And the male gaze behind,

She interviewed Clementine Ford,
She now quotes Germaine Greer,
She blew up the local football club,
And bought Budweiser Beer,


It’s thanks to Oppenheimer,
The Barbie found the way,
To eradicate her problems,
Just like the USA,

She now works as a lawyer,
And a doctor on the side,
And when women decide go to Mars,
She’ll be on that ride.

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