(Hey Xi Jinping) Lift that Ban on Falun Gong

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

G(C)                       C(F)          G (C)
Hey Xi Jinping, lift that ban on Falun Gong,
     C (F)                G (C)
The Party hunted them for 20 years,
     G(C)                 D(G)
Turns out Jiang Zemin was wrong,
You won’t listen to your people,
     C(F)          G(C)
So I put it in a song,
C(F)       G(C)            D(G)          G(C)
Hey Xi Jinping, lift that ban on Falun Gong.

You may think they are strange, exercising in a park,
Candles and yellow t-shirts,
Sitting silent in the dark,
But they really are good people,
The truth is clear and stark,
It’s time to stop the violence, on the future to embark,

Master Li started his teaching, in nineteen ninety-two,
The practice spread so quickly,
To be gentle, strong and true,
With 100 million people,
The Party knew not what to do,
So Jiang declared a crackdown, freedom it was through

China has a constitution, says people are free,
To worship and to gather,
But this doesn’t seem to be,
When thousands have been murdered
Millions locked up endlessly,
The Party runs China as a Gulag,
The truth is plain to see,

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