Baldwin the Aeronaut

By Daniel Kelly – 2023

    G        C        G
You rocket up into the air,
         C            G          D
To the shrieks and gasping for fear,
    Em               G
And then silence will fall,
    D        G
upon one and all,
    C            D        G
As hurtling to earth you appear.

Every time that you fly,
When you open your soul to the sky,
A piece of my heart,
Down here on the ground,
Is withered away when you fly.

Then time stands still in my heart,
In the moment till parachute parts,
And blooms as before,
to float you down to the floor
A master of science and art.

I know that the people will pay,
To see you endangered this way,
But my thoughts they run wild,
For me and our child,
Should fate take you from me today,

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