Ned Kelly’s Armour

By Daniel Kelly – 2022

When you see Ned Kelly’s Armor,
       C                       G
What does it bring to mind?
       C                    G
The murder of Tom Lonigan,
Shot down in his prime?

       C                    G
Did it house a ruthless killer,
Am                   D
A man of hollow fame,
C                    G
Did it house a rebel hero,
       C                          G
Should the nation sing his name,

       C                    G
We still sing of Edward Kelly,
       Am                     D
Though a hundred years has passed,
       C               G
We keep telling his story,
       D                    G
He still calls us from the past.

Now Ned he was a complex boy,
A drunken father’s son,
A copper hurt his sister,
So he went on the run,

Was he really thieving cattle,
Or was that a mistake,
The crime of being an Irishman,
and policemen on the take.

He was shot down in Glenrowan,
In the town his statue stands,
You can see his suit of armour,
on a million trinket brands.

But the thing that I remember,
About our young son Ned,
Is the green sash he was wearing,
As from gunshot wounds he bleed.

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