Written for Ruth Bader Ginsberg by Daniel Kelly – September 2020

          Em              C      G    D
Ruth was born in New your City, in 1933,
 C                   G                 Am          D
Daughter of Jewish immigrants, they nicknamed her Kiki,
Em                   C                    G               D
Inspired by her mother, to seek the skills she was denied,
C                    G                  Am             D        G
But before Ruth finished highschool, cancer took Cecila’s pride,

    C      G         Em  D 
So Ruth became, Notorious,
C                    G
Aware of the injustice,
       Em                   D
That defined a woman’s life,
     G                     Em
She fought against the system,
G                    D
For eighty-seven years,
C                    G             D
No-one is more worthy of our tears,

Ruth enrolled at Harvard, ’56 in the fall,
In a class of 500 hundred men, of 9 women she stood tall,
The Dean of Law demanded, why she took the place of a man?
When she graduated first in ’59, it proved that women can.

It was while Ruth was in Sweden, she saw another way,
That a land built on in-equality, didn’t have to stay,
She had fought on 300 cases, by nineteen seventy four,
Of six fought in the Supreme Court, she won five but wanted more.

In 93 Ruth rose, to the nation’s highest court,
Every woman gained, from the equality she brought,
To New Zealand she swore to move, if Trump ever took power,
But she fought cancer and misogyny until her final hour.


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