Ukraine Abandoned

by Daniel Kelly - 2022
I am chained upon this mountain side,
C               Em
A sacrificial feast,
           G               D
For the hungry bear that roams the
Em         D      Em
barren wasteland of the East,
C                    G
I can hear the stamping of his paws,
The grinding of this teeth,
Em                   C
The claws that rip the tender flesh,
Em              D    Em
Devour what’s underneath.

I gave my weapons up to you,
In 1994,
You said that you would come for me,
If there ever was a war,
But war is here, and it seems that you
Are nowhere to be seen,
The promises of western powers,
Are merely lies and dreams,

You think I am the maiden,
Scarified for peace,
But I am the pandora’s box,
From which horror is released,
Because if you will not come to my aid,
The path is global war,
With brother fighting brother,
As has ever been before.

The princes in their power,
Move pieces on the board,
Giving up the Ukraine,
To appease the Russian horde,
But the fight will soon come do their door,
Their mothers and their sons,
For it will be the same for all,
As it is allowed for one.

You say Putin is the monster,
The source of all the pain,
Invading land he doesn’t own,
For nationalistic gain,
But it was you who held out NATO,
Used the Ukraine as a shield,
But left them in the hour of need,
To be slaughtered on the field,

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