You Can’t Hurry Lunch

by Daniel Kelly – 2021 (a parody of You Can’t Hurry Love)

I need lunch, lunch to ease my grind
And I need to find time, somewhere to dine
My Waiter said

You can't hurry lunch.
No you just have to wait
She said: Lunch don't come easy
But it's a game of grill and bake
You can't hurry lunch.
No you just have to wait
Just trust on a prep time
No matter how long it takes

How many heartburns must I stand
before I find a lunch that I can eat again
Right now the only thing, that keeps me hangin' on
When I see my entree
Oh, it's almost gone
I remember what my waiter said

No one can bear to eat their lunch alone
I grow impatient for a lunch to call my own
But when I feel that I, I can't go on
Well these precious words
Keep me hangin' on
I remember what my waiter said...

Now steak!

Now lunch, lunch don't come easy
But I keep on waiting, anticipating
For that soft bun to take my first bite
For some tender ham that tastes just right

I keep waiting, oh 'til that day,
But it ain't easy, no, you know it ain't easy.
My waiter said...


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