The Community Hall

by Daniel Kelly – 2024

     Em                      D         Em
The Community Hall, is the heart of the town,
          C             G         Am        D
It’s for birthdays and dancing in tails and gown,
     Em                        D         Em
They never make money, and are often run down,
     C               G
But the good folk that keep them,
     D             Em
And give of their time,
     G                  D        Em
Know they’re holding the people together.

The Yass Valley Council, has sent out a bill,
To the people of Bowning, for rates owing still,
Almost four thousand dollars, and it’s sure to kill,
The community spirit,
The volunteers work,
Is treated like fodder for stealing,

The Community Hall, for a hundred odd years,
Has been hosting the dances, and witnessing tears,
Of memorial diners, and victory cheers,
Those greedy pen pushers,
And technocrat schemers,
Are killing the heart of Australia.

So Yass gets 50 million, for fancy new digs,
For the council to sit at, in make-up and wigs,
But the people of Bowning, left out with the pigs,
To pay Prince John’s taxes,
While council relaxes,
It’s time for a change at the table.

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