The Ballad of Mick O’Shea’s

based on the song ‘I Wish I Were Back in Liverpool’ by Stan Kelly and Leon Rosselson

I wish I was back in Adelaide,
At Mick O'shea's where the craic flows free,
When Martin sang, and the Bodhrans rang,
and the ballads are very long.
Where Richard and Kath will fiddle a tune, 
and Donald's kilt you’ll see,
There were six on guitar, and three at the bar,
and it's Mick O'shea's for me.

There’s Charles and Pete on the boxes sweet,
Doug and Sean they play guitar,
There’s a welcome there, whoever you are,
Whether come from near or far,
Hear Gillian sing, of a broken ring,
Or the girl from county Clare,
With a tune and song, you won’t go wrong,
With the good folk you’ll meet there.

Well Barry will sing of the Wattle green,
And a rousing drover’s song,
Amanda’s whistle will fill the air,
As Reg he strums along.
And Moira with her camera poised,
Will catch the magic night,
If you spend an hour at Mick O’shea's,
The world it will be right,

There’s a Bog Down in the Valley oh,
It is the Soldier’s Joy,
Pat Horgan’s got a Forty Pound Float,
In the Mountains of Pomeroy,
As we March to the Centenary,
After the Battle of Aughirm,
Be sure to wear a Green Cockade,
So Lord Mayo will win,

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