Alexei Navalny

by Daniel Kelly 2024

     G            D             G
To the party of thieves and crooks,
           C               G
He was a source of great frustration,
     C               D
In Putin’s blackest books,

           G                 Em
So they charged him and imprisoned him,
     C               G
And poisoned him for sure,
     C               G    D
But now that brave man is no more,

     C    D    G
(but) I am Alexei Nevalny,
     C      D        G
And you are Alexei Nevalny,
     C          D          Em D  C
We stand at the doorstep of Tyranny,
     C          D          G
Demanding the right to be free.

A man of politics and of the law,
Alexei was incensed,
By the corruption that he saw,

A Russia of the Future,
Was the vision he had seen,
And for that he was showered in green,

For human rights he was recognized,
Sakharaov Prize in ’21,
And many more besides,

But they poisoned him with Novichok,
To the gulag he was sent,
But not in vain were his last days spent,

The Poet’s Den

Written for Dr Malcolm Guite, for his fabulous creations – by Daniel Kelly 2024

    G                 Em     C
From out the haze of smokey rings,
    G                 Am7 D
A gentle voice with magic sings,
    Em                    D      C
Ensconced all round with wisdoms bound,
    G                 D          G
The heart revives to hear the sound,

Of crystal clink with amber dew,
Or lighter set to flame anew,
Betwixt each word the listener waits,
As piper puffs and tale relates,

Aboard the ship that walked the dawn,
Or troll with bone of Tom’s kin gnawn,
We sit in cozy Hobbit hole,
A haven from the rush and brawl.

Follow through the wardrobe door,
To lantern waste, and cavern floor,
The rain stick tips at Heaney’s pen,
A journey there and back again.

And all too soon the clock will chime,
The pipe weed glow is lost with time,
Until we knock at door again,
See where the poet takes us then,

Flerken Frustration

By Daniel Kelly - 2024

We’ve got Flerkens on the Bridge,
We’ve got Flerkens in Med Bay,
We’ve got Flerkens in the bathroom,
They just won’t go away.

It’s best if you stop running,
That only makes them mad,
As for Flerken infestation,
               C                F
This is the worst that we have had

A crew-mate tried to catch one,
And they were swallowed whole,
    B              F
We need to find a way,
               C          F
To get these cats under control.

You may not have heard of Flerkens,
They look just like a cat,
But when the tentacles come out,
You’ll soon be forgetting that.

Chewbacca Sassy Danvers,
Is a Flerken you may know,
Rocket tried to kill her,
But Carol she said no.

Goose laid eggs on SABER,
Hidden all over the station,
Nick Fury was a bit confused,
But hope grew from frustration.

Bleak Creek

by Daniel Kelly – 2024

(written about the Rhett and Link book The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek)

    Em               C            Em
Something’s in the water of Bleak Creek
    Am              Em
Strange things are going down,
    G                D    C
In what was such a sleepy town,
         Em  D        G      D
Be careful or you’re gonna drown,
Em        C       Em
Look out Rex and Leaf.

Rex and Leaf were shooting their new film,
Dog Nights of the Living dead,
At least I think that’s what they said,
Tragedy struck them both instead,
When they lost a friend.

If you meet the watcher in the woods,
Hiding by the river side,
He’ll take you for a wild ride,
The only one to get outside,
Buy that man a drink.

Desperate people doing desperate things,
Building power and respect,
Hidden secrets and regrets,
Watch out kids you might be next,
Hope that you can swim.

Twisting of the Rope (Casadh an Tsúgáin)

My translation of the Gaelic song, original here.

If you're with me, Be with me in front of the whole house
If you're with me, Be with me all day and all night
If you're with me, Be with me truly in your heart
Such sorrow for me, That wedded we can never be.
Oh what misfortune has led me to this place?
There is many a lass in the village that I left behind
I called at the house of my true love last night
But her mother had me twisting rope till I was out the door
I would plow and plant, The seed deep in the soil
And I would drive the cows to best grass in the fields,
I would shoe the fastest horse that ever was,
But none of these are fit to win your hand

My hair is grey, but not from length of years,
Fair words will never sate the hunger in me
And I’ve wasted over a year, in courting you
I am hunted like a deer chased on the moor.

Second Coming of Trump

by Daniel Kelly - 2024

       Em            G
Yay verily I saw a beast,
D                    Em
Rise up from the deep,
          Em            C
And the masses shouted out his name,
       G             D
Although he was a creep,
       C               G
He played upon their fears and dreams,
       Em            D
And spun them pretty lies,
       Em            G
But all along his plan was for,
D             Em
Democracy’s demise.

       G                    D
So get your house in order,
       C             G
And lock away your hope,
       Em                   C
For the hangman’s at the scaffold,
       G                    D
And he’s tightening the rope,
       Em            C
Get ready for the dangle,
       G            D
Get ready for the jump,
                    C      D         G
Get ready for the second coming of Trump

This beast he is not new to us,
We’ve lived his lies before,
He defiled the seat of power,
He flouted every law,
How can they be so gullible,
To trust him once again,
When all he wants is vengeance,
And for democracy to end.

Now look you to the ballot box,
And look you to the law,
And fight with every righteous heart,
The wolf that’s at the door,
Your freedom doesn’t come for free,
But with a price that must be paid,
To hold the wall of bricks and stones,
That with others blood were laid.

Cool Rock

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

    G            C          D       G
Let me show you this cool rock I found,
    C            D        D7
It was sitting here just on the ground,
    Em         C    D        G
I snuck up on it without a sound,
    C        D         D7     G
I hope you like this rock I found.

Yesterday I heard a tune,
It reminded me of a crescent moon,
I hope I can sing it for you soon,
And you will like my little tune,

    C            G      C        G
For beauty is there for you to see,
    C   D      D7
In the air and under tree,
    Em         C    D        G
If you look for it, it’s sure to be,
    C        D         D7     G
Something that you can share with me. 

I heard a bird as I walked by,
He whistled sweetly in the sky,
Turned his head and caught my eye,
Such a colourful happy guy.

One morning I was feeling sad,
The world is sometimes awful bad,
But a little light can still be had,
If you look for magic, you can be glad


by Daniel Kelly - 2023

Now let me tell a story,
           C          G
Of the bat and of the ball,
     C               G
Of twenty thousand hours,
     C                 D
Hitting up against the wall.

     C                    G
Of faith and truth and courage,
     C                    G
Played against the hardest odds,
           Em              G
in the local park on a Saturday,
     C    D      G
by some animated dogs.

Now Rusty is a Kelpie,
Named for his hair of red,
And he was mad for cricket,
At least that’s what was said.

He was up against some adults,
Who didn’t understand,
Rusty would grow up to be,
The best batsman in the land.

     C               G
Cause Rusty hits the bouncers,
     C               G
And Rusty copes with spin,
           Em              G
There’s not a paceman in your team,
     C               D
Can best the likes of him.
     C               G
Cause courage and persistence,
     Em                   D
Is what fuels the sportsman’s dream,
     C               G
What started in the backyard,
     C          D    G
Will end up on your screen.

With young Rusty at the crease,
The brothers Heeler did attack,
One with swing and one with spin,
But Rusty knocked ‘em flat,

They even tried a paceman,
But not could slow him down,
Rusty had learned the lessons,
From every bowler in town.


by Daniel Kelly – 2023

At the centre of the tree,
Sits the god of destiny,
            C              D    Em
Threads of life for you and me, Loki

All the choices in a spool,
Wound together by his rule,
       D             C    Em
Divine power of the fool, Loki,

C    Em             G          D
Loki, Loki, the protector of the tree,
     Em              D    Em
Sacrificed for you and me, Loki.

Once only the god of tricks,
Now all time is in his fix,
He has woven fates sweet mix, Loki.

Cruel fate he could not stand,
Pruning lives was out of hand,
Now he’s built the promised land, Loki.


Now until the end of time,
He will wrangle fate sublime,
All future yours and mine, Loki

So give thanks unto the king,
Who broke the sacred ring,
And let all destinies sing, Loki.

When Will the Moon be Bright

An English take on the 11th century poem by Su Shi

G                        C               D
It’s the ninth year in the reign of ShenZong,
      C                 G                 D
And tonight I have been drinking for so long,
      Em                C           D                 G
But I’ll put down my glass, and write a poem of the past,
      C           G           D
And remembering you my brother You

       C                D                 G
Oh the moon, how the moon she shines tonight,
      C                 Em          D     G
I’ll lay down in the river of her light, tonight

When will the moon be shining clear and bright?
With a wine glass in my hand I ask the night,
Do the seasons in the heavens, change just as they do down here,
I wonder if its Autumn for you there,

If I could ride the wind back home I’d fly,
Yet I dread those crystal towers in the sky
Far too cold for me, dancing with my shadow here I’ll be,
The heavens they are no place for a man

The moon she rises over my house of red,
Shining on the sleepless in their bed,
Through the ornate window pane, no sadness comes like rain
She always seems so full when I’m apart

A human life is joy and sorrow and loss and gain,
Just as the moon she waxes and she wanes,
We can live long in imperfection, just as its always been,
And share the moon, no matter where we are.

Song of the Lusty Argonian Maid

by Daniel Kelly 2023

     Am        C         G           Am
Oh why do you come to my chamber so late?
     C         G    Am
You pretty Argonian maid?
          Am        G         c         Am
The mistress she asked if the linen was straight,
Am             G        Am
Said the lusty Argonian Maid.

She lifted her tail as she smoothed down the bed,
That pretty Argonian maid,
Lord Colto gave way to the thoughts in his head,
Of that lusty Argonian Maid.

Oh would you please tarry and polish my spear?
He said to the pretty young maid,
Your spear is too rough for my soft hands I fear,
Said the lusty Argonian Maid,

With a teaspoon of oil, we’ll make the rough smooth,
He said to the Argonian Maid,
So she stroked her soft hands over every groove,
In that spear, the Argonian Maid,

Before your depart, would you see to my dough,
You pretty Argonian maid,
With a kneed of your hands, I’m sure it will grow,
You lusty Argonian maid,

She worked at the dough, in her soft hands it rose,
That Argonian flower of a maid,
When Crantius reached out to untie the clothes,
Of the lusty Argonian Maid,

She squealed as she drove the smooth spear through his heart,
That pretty Argonian maid,
She squealed as she drove the smooth spear through his heart,
That pretty Argonian maid,

So gentles and lords beware of your hands,
Around pretty Argonian Maids,
Or you’ll find there is only so much they will stand,
Those lusty Argonian maids.

A Place in the Fire

Words by Daniel Kelly 2023

TTTO: A Place in the Choir by Bill Staines

All god’s creatures got a place in the fire,
D                       G
Some on the grill and some in the fryer,
     C                  G
Or roasted whole on great log pyre,
    D             G
Serve them up on a plate, a bowl,
Or anything you got now.

     G                  D
The big mouth Bass he feeds on the bottom,
Catch him with a pole and a line if you got’em,
C                      G
Reeling him in can be hard to do,
     D                  G
Then cook him up in a big fish stew,

Fry those sausages up in the middle,
Pork and chicken and beef on the griddle,
Turn ‘em quick so they don’t burn,
That red meat helps us all to learn,

Listen to the pop and crackle of the bacon,
Such a fine breakfast feast we’re makin’
Pour some oil on everything,
Never eat your greens,

Cookin, in the night time, cookin in the day,
Cookin those critters every way,
Basted, roasted, grilled and fried,
From their innards to their hide.


Love of the Page

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

Give me the love of the page,
  C        Am       G             D
Tell the story of the dragon and mage,
G                      Bm       C
Teach my to fly, with a fancy so free,
     C           D    G
And no one will ever cage me.

Here in the pages I’ll be,
Free from the pain of the life around me,
I’m taller and faster and wiser by far,
I can reach for and catch every star.

A story is always your friend,
Will invite you inside, keep you safe till the end,
Through tears and through laughter, triumph and fear,
Reach for me I will be here,

Whether from the library or store,
Passed down the family like hard gotten lore,
The book is a world, where adventure’s alive,
It’s on books that a young mind can thrive,

So teach me to read and to learn,
To fire the mind, for knowledge to yearn,
Give me the key that unlocks every door,
There’s fantastic new magic in store,

Barbie Built a Bomb

by Daniel Kelly - 2023

C               G          C
Barbie lived in her dream house,
     F               C
Just caring for her man,
     F                    C
She’d cook and clean and preen for him,
F              G
Like every woman can,
     F                    C
She knew her place, and did her part,
     F          C
As every woman must,
     F               C
But then one day a tremor came,
     F       G       C
That blew it all to dust.

Barbie had a little time,
At the end of her day,
She saw a flyer on the street,
For the college down the way,
A little education,
Does every woman good,
Particle physics seemed to be the thing,
That Barbie understood,

She learnt about plutonium,
And how chain reactions ran,
She had a certain aptitude,
As good as any man,
And with a few things round the house,
And more in Ken’s garage,
She built a working prototype,
A nuclear decoupage,

F    C      G      C
Yes Barbie built a bomb,
     F      G        C
A Nuclear flippn’ a bomb,
Full of two thousand years,
Of repressed rage,
     F      G      C
Yes Barbie built a bomb.

Barbie started reading,
She expanded her mind,
She left the world of servitude,
And the male gaze behind,

She interviewed Clementine Ford,
She now quotes Germaine Greer,
She blew up the local football club,
And bought Budweiser Beer,


It’s thanks to Oppenheimer,
The Barbie found the way,
To eradicate her problems,
Just like the USA,

She now works as a lawyer,
And a doctor on the side,
And when women decide go to Mars,
She’ll be on that ride.

At the Window

by Daniel Kelly – 2012

G          C          G
Standing at the window of your life
C          D               G
Looking out as far as I can see
C          D         
Each day brings a new scene
Em              C
different from that last
C               D         G
Unfolding like a flower in the sun

G               C
When the window first was opened,
G          C
I never left you side,
Em              C
Each breath and laugh a wonder,
G (D)
To behold

Soon I had to share the window,
With others in your life
Watching on to see your
Life begin


Now I come to the window,
Every moment I can spare,
But there’s so many windows that need

First steps, first words and
Birthdays, seem to flicker Past the pane
If only I could hold
Them in suspension.             


Now when I come to the window,
I seldom catch your eye, there is books
And teachers friends and complications

Soon you’ll be staring, at windows of your own,
I hope you’ll still 
Have time to visit at my widow.  


One day the glass will crack and fall,
All stained with time and waste,
But I’ll still be here looking into the distance

How much time we have before the pane
Is never really known,
So we must treasure
every moment at the window.      



Saucer Sources

by Daniel Kelly – 2023 (to the 12 bar blues)

The aliens are out there,
Mulder told us years ago,
But those faceless men in power,
Don’t want you or me to know.
Now Grusch has blown the whistle,
And the truth’s about to Land,
US is building super weapons,
It’s all part of their plan.

Little green men in their saucers,
Now disclosed by inside sources,
They’ve been lacing all our sauces,
Those little green men in their saucers.
The Roswell crash was actual,
Suppressed by men in black with satchels,
Conspiracies are all now factual,
Illuminati hides the facts y’all.

The cover up it has been heinous,
All that probing of the anus,
Abduction stories will be famous,
Not sure I believe but can you blame us?
It’s time for Scully to return,
Or the evidence will burn,
If we truly aren’t alone,
Then we have a lot to learn.


Even Heelers Get the Blues

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

  Em           D
I woke up feeling good today,
     Em        D     Em
Well at least feeling okay,
     G                  D
But to tell the truth, I’ve been feeling down,
C         G        D
And it just won’t go away,
     C             D
But I’ve got two girls depend on me,
     Em                  C    D
And I love my wife it’s true,
          C G D          Em
But even heelers, get the blues.

Last week we took a holiday,
To get away from it all,
But those troubles bundled up inside,
Just like a rubber ball,
I tried to throw them in the sea,
But they rolled right back on through,

I need to get out to the gym,
But I just don’t have the time,
And all those tasty cookies,
Are sure filling my waistline,
I want a life of happiness,
But none of us get to choose,

I’ve bought myself some vitamins,
To take the pain away,
Or give my back some youthful joy,
I’m not sure what to say,
I think I need to ask for help,
That’s what I’m going to do

Party of Four

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

Em                               D           Em
I’ll sing to you a song about adventures of four,
Em                                  Am         D
The bard was once a harper, but he isn’t any more,
Em                                C             G
The sorcerer is second rate, but he can raise the dead,
       Em                           D                Em
And then there’s a barbarian, who’s good at bashing heads,

       C        G
Hi Ho Ho, a questing we will go,
       Am                                E7
We do not fear the monsters, that are lurking down below,
      C             G
Hi Ho Ho, a questing we will go,
        Am                 G                                       
We’ll take the loot, and then we’ll scoot,
D              Em
back to the tavern oh     

And then we met a druid who could turn into a bear,
Or was it partly owl as well, we really didn’t care,
She brought into our party, something that we sorely lacked,
Some stealth and speed, and extra muscle for when we were attacked.

Our barbarian has issues with the man she left behind,
She raised the bards young daughter, while he was getting blind,
Now were fighting a red wizard, she seems a friendly sort,
Especially when enslaving souls and shooting fireballs for sport,

Xenk’s not in our party, he is just an NPC,
A Paladin with far too many skills and piety,
He’s got a lot of quibbles, so he won’t hang out with thieves,
But we’ll make use of his handy sword, at least until he leaves

And now we’re in the tavern, and the quest is at an end,
Drinking pints of ale, and laughing with our friends,
I’m not sure there’ll be another quest, all depends on the take,
And whether John and Jonathon have another film to make.


Princess Leia

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

G                         Em
You were born amidst the turmoil,
C                 G
As a great evil emerged,
Em                    Bm
Your father became a monster,
     C                D
The Empire began it’s purge,

Taken from your twin brother,
On the day your mother died,
Force by fate and circumstance,
On Alderan to hide.

May the force be with your Leia,
May your blaster fire true,
May you shine your light above,
The weaker men surrounding you,
May you find a peaceful solace,
From the pain and hurt and loss,
For it was you that saved the galaxy,
Despite all that it cost,

You were always a rebel,
From when first you held a gun,
You learnt the language of the droids,
And to live life on the run,
But also you were a princess,
As you mother was a queen,
The finest bravest warrior,
The galaxy has seen.

What could have been if Yoda,
Had trained you on dagoba,
Instead of the needy, whiny Luke,
With the force you’d have gone far,
Ut you settled for a nerf herder,
And bore a broken son,
I cant forgive George Lucas,
For the evil he has done.

Bushman’s Ballad

by Daniel Kelly 2023

     Am                 C         G
Working the wood in the old high country,
F            C        G          Am
Axe, Froe, Adze, Cross-Saw and Maul
Am                       C         G
Seeking the heart of the ancient timber,
     C      G        Em       Am
Break her back and watch her fall.

Search for the tree amidst the forest,
Straight in trunk and timber sound,
Cut the scarf and saw the back through,
Hear the crack and she comes down.

Strip the bark now, best be hasty,
Bush worked timber’s best done green,
Load it on the cart and homewards,
Time to build a slab hut dream,

Mark the post and strip the sapwood,
Cut with axe to black string line,
Work the broadaxe square and smooth like,
Post will stand till the end of time.

The froe cuts slabs, when maul she hammers,
Split two inches with the grain,
Square with broad axe sides all even,
Chamfer to keep out the rain,

Cut the grove in post with auger,
Chisel, maul and lots of care,
Drop the slabs in, walls are rising,
To keep out the winter air.