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Hatton’s Corner

by Daniel Kelly – 2022 C                    G Broken bottles strewn around, Am                   F Fast food wrappers on the ground, Am                   G               Am You would think nobody cares for this town, If we told who left them there, The Careless vandals … Continue reading

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The Yass Heroes

By Daniel Kelly – 2021      D                     G                  There’s a bend down in the river,           C                G Where the water’s running fast,           C               G And the shallow sand is hollowed,        Am        … Continue reading

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Sisters of Yass

            G                 C         G We left Rochfortbridge in the county of Meath,         C        G             D Bound for a land far away from our home,      G                         C        G The green field behind us, the future unclear      C      … Continue reading

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The Ballad of the Commercial Hotel

By Daniel Kelly – 2021 C       G         D        G   Around 1850 she opened her doors,    C         G             Am        D A beer and a bed, for the traveling scores,      G               D          Em       C … Continue reading

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Yass Water

By Daniel Kelly – 2019 G Here’s a story I will tell,      C               G One Yass residents know well,      G                               D One of the dirty little secrets of our town, G Turn the tap on at your sink, … Continue reading


Yass Valley Wind Farm Song

G C G As I sit on the back porch, of my thousand acre lot, D D G I look out on the gorgeous view, proud of what I’ve got, G C G But now those flamin’ greenies, want to … Continue reading

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Small Town

by Daniel Kelly     C         G               C                 G Living in a small town, were people know your name,      C                       G                D                 G You can count on folks in a small town, There’s nothing quite the same       C              … Continue reading

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Washpen Creek

by Daniel Kelly    Em      G        D       Em If you go down, by washpen creek, C       G       Em You better go with a friend.        Em                 G       D        Bm For the things that were seen,by washpen creek, Em      D            … Continue reading

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The Elm Tree

by Daniel Kelly – 2018 C        F      G   C    F        G       C Standing by the river, looking up to the town, C            G           F        C My roots are deep, my branches strong, F          G         C        F         G My life … Continue reading

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by Daniel Kelly, 2018     G           Em         C               D One eye on the world, the one that we all see,   G            Em           C            D Another on the universe, of myth and majesty, G Em C D You … Continue reading

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Zombie Sheep of the Murrumbidgee

  by Daniel Kelly 2018        C                    G        Am              G Henry O’Brien went out one night to check upon his flock,           C            G                 Am        G     Am When he beheld an unearthly sight, that sure gave him … Continue reading

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Better Than Decent Girls

A song I wrote about the young girls who arrived in Yass in March 1850 from Ireland. Many were orphans, fleeing the famine that had been caused by the English.      G          D               C          D The English had caused, the … Continue reading

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William’s Razor

    G William leave me alone,      C          G William leave me alone,           C           D       G Can’t you see that my love has flown?    C      D       G William leave me alone.      G       C          … Continue reading

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