Turning the Wheel

by Daniel Kelly – 2022

G               Em
Nations rise, cultures fall,
C             G
Planets and atoms spin,
      Am                   D
The wheel revolves and changes all,
       C              G
Come seek the truth within.

C                    G
The wheel held lightly in your hands,
Am              D
Will make the world anew,
Em                   G
Changing everything around,
C          D       G
Just as it changes you.

G              C           C        G
Nine times forward, and nine times back,
Am              D
The ghost and demons reel,
     Em                    G
The ship sales safely through the storm,
C       D         G
While the Master turns the wheel

The world of ten directions,
Shaken to it’s core,
A wish to find salvation,
A hope that there is more.

To walk the path of honesty,
With compassion held for all,
To endure the worlds suffering,
Upright and standing tall

The tempering of will and flesh,
No easy road to take,
The sand it must be sifted,
If gold you wish to make.

Amidst the vat of fortune,
Of money lies and fame,
The heart can be so easily
Drawn deep into the game

(Hey Xi Jinping) Lift that Ban on Falun Gong

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

G(C)                       C(F)          G (C)
Hey Xi Jinping, lift that ban on Falun Gong,
     C (F)                G (C)
The Party hunted them for 20 years,
     G(C)                 D(G)
Turns out Jiang Zemin was wrong,
You won’t listen to your people,
     C(F)          G(C)
So I put it in a song,
C(F)       G(C)            D(G)          G(C)
Hey Xi Jinping, lift that ban on Falun Gong.

You may think they are strange, exercising in a park,
Candles and yellow t-shirts,
Sitting silent in the dark,
But they really are good people,
The truth is clear and stark,
It’s time to stop the violence, on the future to embark,

Master Li started his teaching, in nineteen ninety-two,
The practice spread so quickly,
To be gentle, strong and true,
With 100 million people,
The Party knew not what to do,
So Jiang declared a crackdown, freedom it was through

China has a constitution, says people are free,
To worship and to gather,
But this doesn’t seem to be,
When thousands have been murdered
Millions locked up endlessly,
The Party runs China as a Gulag,
The truth is plain to see,

The Shady Willows

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

On this path I have been walking,
For more than twenty years,
Learning to hold things lightly,
And swallow bitter tears,
Living by the universal law,
The teacher has conveyed,
A clear but a narrow path,
On which pure gold is made

Walking past the shady willows,
When my heart is heavy and low,
In the distance I see flowers,
And my hopes they overflow,
For in another village,
My destiny awaits,
A bright and happy future,
Follow me it’s not too late

To speak words that are truthful,
To quiet the wandering mind,
To treat all with compassion,
And patience for to find,
To give up craving power,
And the lust for fortune and fame
To acknowledge every weakness,
and never pass the blame.

Though faced with public ridicule,
Abandoned by family and friend,
Some beaten, imprisoned and tortured,
Facing violence without end,
But we have endured bravely,
Never lifting an angry hand,
Till the truth is shining brightly
And floods across the land


Death of the Red Dragon

by Daniel Kelly – July 2020

       G                    Am
For 21 years we’ve been fighting,
     C   G              Am
For 21 years we’ve been strong,
          C          G
With the truth in our hearts,
And unbreakable will,
           C          G             Am   G
We have weathered the storm for so long

     C        G                Am
And now is the time for you to fall,
      Am      G            Am
Your evil has been revealed to all,
Dm                   Am
The red dragon of the east,
The vilest of beasts,
              Am            G      Am
It’s time to write your destruction on wall,
           C          G             Am
Cast the Party down, come and head the call

You fear the honest and gentle,
You despise the compassionate heart,
And that is why,
on 20 July,
Your attack on the Falun Gong starts

But now you have tortured the Uighurs,
And murdered the kids in Hong Kong,
With your compromised phones,
And face scanning drones,
The people won’t stand you for long.

You corrupted the worlds politicians,
Your tentacles reach everywhere,
With money in bags,
The Belt and Road grabs,
Let he who has ears let him hear,

Go Inside

by Daniel Kelly - 2020
G                    C      D
Close your eyes and go inside, 
Em                              C       D
when you’re struggling in the rising tide,
C      D        G           C
a universe of peace you’ll find,
       Em         D         G
when you close your eyes and,
C      D      G
journey inside.

G                        C         D
Lost in the crowds of lies and gold,
G                    C        D
Searching for some truth to hold,
C             D      G      C
The answer’s not in your TV,
G                          C      D
But under the shade of a sleepy tree.

Fighting for that piece of gain,
To make your mark and stake your claim,
But fighting’s not the way to be,
For what you take, returns to me.

Looking at the world with pride,
With enemies on the other side,
We aren’t so different rich and poor,
We exit by a common door,

Learn to care for all you meet,
Leave your kindness on the street,
With a humble and a loving heart,
This is where your journey starts.

Letters From Hell

By Daniel Kelly

There are vampires and witches,
Zombies, ghouls and ghosts,
Am                 C
the mummy from a pyramid,
and skeletons on posts,
Am                                     Dm
But the most terrifying monster, that I have ever seen,
C                Am         G           Am
Is hatred in the heart of a fellow human being,

     Am                           Dm
I’ll tell to you a story, of Halloween not long ago,
Am             C         G
A family in America, a shopping they did go,
Am                           Dm
Decorations for a party, bought from a local store,
C                  Am                 G              E7
Instead of what they bargained for, they got a little more.

Inside there was a letter, from a thousand miles away,
Carefully they opened it, to see what it did say,
Here in China we’re being tortured, forced to work like slaves
In the Masanjia labour camp, where this fake gravestone is made.

We work for 15 hours, each day without a rest,
Taken from our families, starved beaten and oppressed,
I’m here for learning Falun Gong, a good and righteous way,
Please share my message with the world, before I fade away

Sun Yi escaped his prison, the Parties crimes exposed,
A movie shown around the world, now every body knows,
Though Sun Yi reached Indonesia, became a refugee,
The secret service tracked him down, in death he now is free.