Saucer Sources

by Daniel Kelly – 2023 (to the 12 bar blues)

The aliens are out there,
Mulder told us years ago,
But those faceless men in power,
Don’t want you or me to know.
Now Grusch has blown the whistle,
And the truth’s about to Land,
US is building super weapons,
It’s all part of their plan.

Little green men in their saucers,
Now disclosed by inside sources,
They’ve been lacing all our sauces,
Those little green men in their saucers.
The Roswell crash was actual,
Suppressed by men in black with satchels,
Conspiracies are all now factual,
Illuminati hides the facts y’all.

The cover up it has been heinous,
All that probing of the anus,
Abduction stories will be famous,
Not sure I believe but can you blame us?
It’s time for Scully to return,
Or the evidence will burn,
If we truly aren’t alone,
Then we have a lot to learn.


Even Heelers Get the Blues

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

  Em           D
I woke up feeling good today,
     Em        D     Em
Well at least feeling okay,
     G                  D
But to tell the truth, I’ve been feeling down,
C         G        D
And it just won’t go away,
     C             D
But I’ve got two girls depend on me,
     Em                  C    D
And I love my wife it’s true,
          C G D          Em
But even heelers, get the blues.

Last week we took a holiday,
To get away from it all,
But those troubles bundled up inside,
Just like a rubber ball,
I tried to throw them in the sea,
But they rolled right back on through,

I need to get out to the gym,
But I just don’t have the time,
And all those tasty cookies,
Are sure filling my waistline,
I want a life of happiness,
But none of us get to choose,

I’ve bought myself some vitamins,
To take the pain away,
Or give my back some youthful joy,
I’m not sure what to say,
I think I need to ask for help,
That’s what I’m going to do

Party of Four

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

Em                               D           Em
I’ll sing to you a song about adventures of four,
Em                                  Am         D
The bard was once a harper, but he isn’t any more,
Em                                C             G
The sorcerer is second rate, but he can raise the dead,
       Em                           D                Em
And then there’s a barbarian, who’s good at bashing heads,

       C        G
Hi Ho Ho, a questing we will go,
       Am                                E7
We do not fear the monsters, that are lurking down below,
      C             G
Hi Ho Ho, a questing we will go,
        Am                 G                                       
We’ll take the loot, and then we’ll scoot,
D              Em
back to the tavern oh     

And then we met a druid who could turn into a bear,
Or was it partly owl as well, we really didn’t care,
She brought into our party, something that we sorely lacked,
Some stealth and speed, and extra muscle for when we were attacked.

Our barbarian has issues with the man she left behind,
She raised the bards young daughter, while he was getting blind,
Now were fighting a red wizard, she seems a friendly sort,
Especially when enslaving souls and shooting fireballs for sport,

Xenk’s not in our party, he is just an NPC,
A Paladin with far too many skills and piety,
He’s got a lot of quibbles, so he won’t hang out with thieves,
But we’ll make use of his handy sword, at least until he leaves

And now we’re in the tavern, and the quest is at an end,
Drinking pints of ale, and laughing with our friends,
I’m not sure there’ll be another quest, all depends on the take,
And whether John and Jonathon have another film to make.


Princess Leia

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

G                         Em
You were born amidst the turmoil,
C                 G
As a great evil emerged,
Em                    Bm
Your father became a monster,
     C                D
The Empire began it’s purge,

Taken from your twin brother,
On the day your mother died,
Force by fate and circumstance,
On Alderan to hide.

May the force be with your Leia,
May your blaster fire true,
May you shine your light above,
The weaker men surrounding you,
May you find a peaceful solace,
From the pain and hurt and loss,
For it was you that saved the galaxy,
Despite all that it cost,

You were always a rebel,
From when first you held a gun,
You learnt the language of the droids,
And to live life on the run,
But also you were a princess,
As you mother was a queen,
The finest bravest warrior,
The galaxy has seen.

What could have been if Yoda,
Had trained you on dagoba,
Instead of the needy, whiny Luke,
With the force you’d have gone far,
Ut you settled for a nerf herder,
And bore a broken son,
I cant forgive George Lucas,
For the evil he has done.

Bushman’s Ballad

by Daniel Kelly 2023

     Am                 C         G
Working the wood in the old high country,
F            C        G          Am
Axe, Froe, Adze, Cross-Saw and Maul
Am                       C         G
Seeking the heart of the ancient timber,
     C      G        Em       Am
Break her back and watch her fall.

Search for the tree amidst the forest,
Straight in trunk and timber sound,
Cut the scarf and saw the back through,
Hear the crack and she comes down.

Strip the bark now, best be hasty,
Bush worked timber’s best done green,
Load it on the cart and homewards,
Time to build a slab hut dream,

Mark the post and strip the sapwood,
Cut with axe to black string line,
Work the broadaxe square and smooth like,
Post will stand till the end of time.

The froe cuts slabs, when maul she hammers,
Split two inches with the grain,
Square with broad axe sides all even,
Chamfer to keep out the rain,

Cut the grove in post with auger,
Chisel, maul and lots of care,
Drop the slabs in, walls are rising,
To keep out the winter air.

Ballad of Abraham Weeks

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

          Em   G        D    Em
I was a working man in London town,
          C         G    D              Em
But the call it came to fight for the crown,
Em             C         D            G
For a roguish empire, I’d no wish to die,
     Em        G      D     Em
So I fled to Dublin, by and by.

Now the rebels they had Easter plans,
In 1916 when it all began,
I threw in my lot, with James Connolly,
A Worker of the World like me,

     G               D
It’s not my war, it’s not my land,
        Em       D       C         D
But in freedom’s name, I’ll take a stand,
     Em     G       D         G
And if by chance, I’m doomed to fall,
     Am             G         D
I am proud to have answered the call,
      Am            D         G
I am proud to have answered the call,

On Monday morn, I took the oath,
Of the Citizen’s Army, at the Post,
A Jew amongst Protestants, Catholics to,
Fighting for a country new.

Then England rained the fire down,
They shelled us to hell in Dublin town,
There was death by every street and wall,
Those heroes who answered freedoms call,

But the sacrifice of Woman and Man,
Sparked the nations heart again,
For an Ireland free, from the tyrant’s blade,
Is the legacy these heroes made

Triumph of the Witch

by Daniel Kelly - 2023

    Em           G
Oh Lucy I can’t sleep tonight,
         D                G
There’s something on my mind,
    C            G
I feel as if the world is slowly,
    C        D
Starting to unwind,

A dreadful thing is hanging there,
    C            G
Just beyond my sight,
    C                G
Come out with me and let us see,
         D                G
What trouble brews this night.

Aslan, he steals away from camp,
Beneath the moon aglow,
We’ll follow him a short way off,
To see where he does go,

Oh children why do you follow me,
This thing I must do alone,
But I’d be glad of your company,
Until a little from the stone,

Do rest your hands upon my mane,
And walk with me as I go,
My heart is heavy on this night,
With all the things I know,

About the path before me,
And the paths I leave behind,
The way ahead is darkness,
Before the light we find,

Here you must stop and leave me,
And keep well out of sight,
They anointed him with kisses,
And wept tears on the night,

And the things they saw thereafter,
I shall not further tell,
But it was Lucy and brave Susan,
Who watched the king who fell,

Turning the Law Wheel

     G               Em
Now Lucy found a book within the
  C             D
House of the magician,
     G               Em
A magic book with spells and charms to
     C    D
fix any condition.
     G               Em
And Bastian read the book he stole,
          C          D
After attic stairs ascending,
     G          Em
The story of Fantasia,
           C          D      G
Which, it seems, was never ending.

Now this book is a special one,
With wisdom for the ages,
The secrets of the universe,
Revealed within the pages,
An essential read for clerics,
Wizards, bards and mages,
And the reason that the CCP,
Keeps good people in cages.

The Bible is a relic,
Of days from long ago,
When it comes to naming authors,
We really just don’t know,
Not many folks have read it,
But lots of them say so,
It’s a sequel to the Torah,
And we all know how they go.

There is only so much time you have,
In life for which to read,
Unless you are Hermione,
With a time-turner’s magic speed,   
So consider reading this book,
It will sure be worth your while,
If you have ever sat and wondered,
At life, its joys and trials.

A book that’s given freely,
to all of humankind,
That teaches truth and tolerance,
and kindness of the mind.

Top Hat on Lake George

by Daniel Kelly 2023

     G                        D      G
Lake George is just lovely at this time of year,
           C               Am         G               D
And there’s nothing like sailing to bring you some cheer,
     G                      D             G
I set out Friday morning the weather was fine,
     C          G            D        G
The sun and the water, and feeling sublime,

          C          D               G       C
Now I’m stranded on George in my Top Hat and tails,
           C         D              G          Em  
The wind blows me in circles though fluttering sail,
     G          C          G          C
I’ve only one oar, so I just turn around,
     G             D            G
I hope that real soon I’ll be found.

I don’t have a sailboat, but I did have a sheet,
Tied to a broom-handle, my ship is complete,
But the thing I forgot, as I set out that day,
Is a boat that can’t tack will go only one way.

Now darkness has fallen, the wind starts to rise,
The rough lake’s night water comes over the sides,
What’s that I see flashing, far off on the shore,
After SES rescue I’ll be on TV for sure,






The Frog and the Scorpion

by Daniel Kelly 2023

Help me cross the river,
     C               G
Said the scorpion to the frog,
     C               G
It won’t take but a minute,
           Am             D
You’ll be back upon your log.

     C            G
Why would anyone help you,
     C            G
The frog boldly replied,
     C               G
We all know you’re a killer,
     C          D    G
I’m not giving you a ride.

Listen said the scorpion,
You’ve got the story wrong,
I’m not a ruthless murderer,
And the river’s wide and long.

I’m not much of a swimmer,
And you can swim so well,
Give me a ride this one time,
And I’ll promise not to tell.

The frog he listened carefully,
To the scorpions sorry plea,
Was he really such a monster,
How could that possibly be,

I’ll let you ride upon my back,
If you promise not to sting,
If you do that, you’ll doom us both,
T’would be a foolish thing.

The scorpion climbed upon the frog,
He swam out from the bank,
But when they reached the middle,
Deep in the stinger sank,

You’ve killed us both yelled out the frog,
You vicious crazy fiend,
You promised me you wouldn’t,
Why did I help someone in need,

A scorpion’s a scorpion,
No matter what is said,
All creatures live their nature,
Be sure to use your head,

Some folks will tell you anything,
To get what they think they need,
Even if it kills you,
That’s the nature of their greed.


Farming the Rage

A Parody by Daniel Kelly and Paula L ( base on Home on the Range)

D                          G    Gm
Oh give me a meme, the American dream,
     D               E7         A7
that the punters will all click away,
     D                    G          Gm
Where never is heard, even one honest word,
     D               A7         D
And the anger is on full display.

  D        A7     D
Farm, farming the rage,
Where the fear and uncertainty play,
Where seldom is found, any argument sound,
And the balance was long thrown away.

How often at night, in the glowing screen’s light,
On the book of the face, or the ‘gram,
You’ll shout and you’ll frown, at the lies I have grown,
It’s basically money for jam.

Oh that is my brand, the blight of the land,
Any thing that will capture your goat,
At Karen and Chad, I’ll make you feel mad,
It’s hatred that sure floats my boat.

You wish that I'd leave, No more cause you to grieve
At the violence and death I effect.
For the horrors I cause, and the corrupted laws
It's the world I am trying to wreck.

Rusted to the Tracks

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

Once you’d hear my whistle,
     C               G
From way down by the river,
     C                    G
My smoke would fill the valley,
     Am                 D
My steel made tracks to shiver,
I would bring the folks and mail,
           C    D      G
I would carry wool and flour,
           C          G          D
Those days were the height of my power.

Now I’m rusted to the tracks,
     C          G
I’m not going anywhere,
     C                    G
There for sure are new horizons,
        Am             D
But to travel I don’t care,
No more for me the whistle,
           C               G
Or the screaming of the steel,
     C               G
I’ve forgotten what it is to
really feel.

The tramway it was opened,
Back In eighteen ninety two,
Connecting Yass to Sydney,
And Melbourne city too,
It was supposed to go to Canberra,
But just like now as then,
We are governed by incompetent old men

The kids they climb aboard,
Drive me in their minds,
Stoke the coal fed fire,
Wheels being to grind,
I’m flying down the rails,
Just as I did before,
But in the real world,
I don’t do that any more.

Take Your Voice

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

It seems a simple choice,
          F         G
To give everyone a voice
But maybe there’s more
     F             G
To this than there seems.

When you look at what was done,
With disease, the cross and gun,
There may be reason,
To doubt sincerity.

Is the voice really a ploy,
To share the freedom others enjoy,
On paper, but not
In reality?

           C                G
Give us a voice, An honest voice,
               F           G
A voice with dignity and power,
Not just a voice,
through which we cower,
We’ll find our voice,

If the things that they decide,
Wash away with every tide,
As the politicians
Nod their heads and sneer,

Like a toddler in the car,
Steering a fake wheel near and far,
This voice is just an
Insult in disguise

It continues 200 hundred years,
Of abuse and fear and tears,
It’s a treaty and the
Truth we really need

When your land you didn’t cede,
To the white conqueror’s greed,
Demand a voice,
That also comes with power



a Parody of Moon River by Daniel Kelly – 2023

G    Em      C            G
Mansplainer, snider than he's vile,
    C               G          Am   B7
He's bossing you in style, he'd say.
Em    G7          C     Cm
Point maker, spotlight taker,
    Em7         A7        Am         D7
Whatever you're saying, he'll say it his way.

G   Em       C              G
Sad grifter, wants to rule the world
        C             G        Am   B7
But so little of the world, he’s seen
       Em  Em7     Cm             G
I'm after the conversations end

C                   G
  Drives me around the bend
C               G
 My condescending friend
Em   Am      D7  G
Man Splainer. .let me be

Mansplainer, spews a lot of bile,
Makes the patriarchy smile, you’ll pay.
Mood breaker, Knowledge faker,
Wherever you're doing, he knows a better way.

It’s a Long Way to Tipperary

A re-write of the original lyrics to this song by Jack Judge.

Up to dreary London
Came an Irishman one day.
The street were never paved with gold
Despite what people say,
Singing songs of Piccadilly,
The Strand and Leicester Square,
Till Paddy got down hearted,
Then he whispered to them there:

It's a long way to Tipperary,
It's a long way to go.
It's a long way to Tipperary,
To the sweetest girl I know!
Goodbye, Piccadilly,
Farewell, Leicester Square!
It's a long long way to Tipperary,
But my heart's right there.

Paddy he wrote a letter
To his Irish Mary-O,
Saying, "Should you not receive another
Then the foe has laid me low!"
"If I make mistakes in the spelling,
Mary, dear," said he,
"Remember, this isn’t our language,
But the tyrants legacy!"

Mary she wrote a sweet reply
To Irish Paddy-O,
Saying "Father Murphy said a prayer for you
And he wanted you to know
Don’t leave the Strand or Piccadilly
Till you've one a Fenian’s fame,
For love of Ireland sings in my heart
And our sons will know your name!"


Baldwin the Aeronaut

By Daniel Kelly – 2023

    G        C        G
You rocket up into the air,
         C            G          D
To the shrieks and gasping for fear,
    Em               G
And then silence will fall,
    D        G
upon one and all,
    C            D        G
As hurtling to earth you appear.

Every time that you fly,
When you open your soul to the sky,
A piece of my heart,
Down here on the ground,
Is withered away when you fly.

Then time stands still in my heart,
In the moment till parachute parts,
And blooms as before,
to float you down to the floor
A master of science and art.

I know that the people will pay,
To see you endangered this way,
But my thoughts they run wild,
For me and our child,
Should fate take you from me today,

Ned Kelly’s Armour

By Daniel Kelly – 2022

When you see Ned Kelly’s Armor,
       C                       G
What does it bring to mind?
       C                    G
The murder of Tom Lonigan,
Shot down in his prime?

       C                    G
Did it house a ruthless killer,
Am                   D
A man of hollow fame,
C                    G
Did it house a rebel hero,
       C                          G
Should the nation sing his name,

       C                    G
We still sing of Edward Kelly,
       Am                     D
Though a hundred years has passed,
       C               G
We keep telling his story,
       D                    G
He still calls us from the past.

Now Ned he was a complex boy,
A drunken father’s son,
A copper hurt his sister,
So he went on the run,

Was he really thieving cattle,
Or was that a mistake,
The crime of being an Irishman,
and policemen on the take.

He was shot down in Glenrowan,
In the town his statue stands,
You can see his suit of armour,
on a million trinket brands.

But the thing that I remember,
About our young son Ned,
Is the green sash he was wearing,
As from gunshot wounds he bleed.

The Carol of Ukraine

Words by Daniel Kelly  - 2022

Slava, Ukraine
Praise to her name,
Long may she be,
Strong true and free.

Christmas is near
Russia is here,
Kill’d young and old,
Bringing the cold

Violence so wrong,
That’s Putin’s song,
While rockets sing
all murdering,

Still we can hear
No sound of fear,
Soldier’s are brave
Ukraine to save

O, how they fight
Shadows at night
O'er hill and dale
Never to fail,

Power they bring
while people sing
Songs of good cheer
Ukraine is still here!

Slava, Ukraine! X 2

On, on they stand
Saving their land,
Their rifles strong,
Fighting so long.

Hark the Nine Wraith Riders

Hark the nine wraith riders spring, searching for the missing ring
Middle Earth is where it hides, to the shire nine dark lords ride
Woeful all ye hobbits hide, prancing pony get inside
Aragorn then will proclaim, "don’t tell anyone your name"
Hark the nine wraith riders spring, "Searching for the one lost ring"

Bilbo found it in a cave, lost by Gollum filled with rage;
Then upon his last birthday, to Frodo gave it away
Ring of magic, vile and feared, with it on he disappeared
Better get it to mount doom, dark riders are coming soon,
Hark the nine wraith riders spring, "Searching for the one lost ring"

The Witch king can’t by men be slain, all who face him fear his name,
Meri’s dagger will strike true, and Eowyn’s blade will run him through,
A magic blade from Westerness, left out by Pete Jackson I guess,
Should have kept Tom Bombadil, maybe the next re-make will,
Eight wraith riders on the wing, "Searching for the one lost ring"

Ned’s Castle

by Daniel Kelly - December 2022

     G         C             D           G
In Clonoulty, Tipperary, one cold September night,
     C         G         Am        D
100 local Irishmen did work by candle light,
     G                C            D           G
To destroy Ballagh dispensary, with hammer, axe and saw
     C             G             D           G
In protest of the English Tithe, they did defy the law.

Thirteen men were transported, to Australia they were bound,
In chains of penal servitude, fourteen years to work the ground,
Ned Ryan came to Goulburn, until 1825,
When he got his leave ticket, lucky to be alive,

     D             G             C           G
One day I’ll build a castle, A castle tall and grand,
     C                  G             Am             D
And I’ll own the land for miles around, where my family can stand,
     C                    G            C             G
And they’ll hear the name of Ryan, and our power it will grow,
     C             G             D           G
Fear of English church and Englishmen my kids will never know,

Ned became a squatter, when his freedom it was won,
The family from Ireland, they joined him on the run,
Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, helped the flocks to grow,
With a hundred thousand acres, Ned was the man to know.

Then Ned he build his castle, among the Galong hills,
In stones of hard defiance, a symbol of his will,
Proof that transported Irishmen, still retain their pride,
A piece of Tipperary, just on the other side,

Now Ned’s line it was ended, not long after it began,
But his house became a monastery, for the raising of young men,
To be warriors for Jesus, in the catholic empire,
And he rests beneath the marble, of Rusconi’s ornate spire,