Women’s Day (Illusions of Progress)

A song for International Women's Day 2024 by Daniel Kelly

Well it’s 3pm on Thursday,
          G               C
and the boss stops by my desk,
      G                    G7
He’s forgotten Women’s Day again,
and says, “Better do something I guess”.
            F                 G
Could you organise a speech, some tea
      Em                   C
and maybe print some signs?
I’d do it all myself you know,
      G                 C
But I haven’t got the time.   

John says he has to leave at 4,
or he’ll miss the golf game,
And the men are going out for drinks,
So could I make a list of names,
Of women in the company,
Who’ve done something to admire,
But do not include Karen,
She’s being forced to retire.

      F                             C
So I’m making the cupcakes for Women’s Day,
Cause men don’t know how to make them,
And would burn them anyway.
        F                        C
Yes I’m making the cupcakes for Women’s Day,
Maybe next year I will get respect,
A safe workplace and better Pay.

So I stay back late and decorate,
The office and the cakes,
I write the speech for John to make,
Though all evening it takes,
I clean up after everything,
And silently I yell,
Thank the goddess there’s no men’s day,
For me to do as well.