The Winter King

by Daniel Kelly - 2024

In the deep frozen heart of the winter,
A man rises up from the ground
To take a last look at his lady,
Before losing his green ivy crown.

For back in the heat of the summer,
His beard it was golden and long,
But now it is white as the snow fall,
Forgotten the mirth and the song,

Carry him into the future,
Carry his soul with the flames,
Carry our hopes for the Spring time,
That summer may return again,

The leaves they have yellowed and fallen,
The light has gone out of the sky,
The chill of the wind bites our fingers,
It’s the way of the living to die.

But spring it awaits on the branches
And blossoms will follow the cold,
As we wait and we warm by the fire,
On the circle of seasons so old