Rabbit Proof Fence

By Daniel Kelly – National ‘Sorry Day’, 26 May 2021

Mr Neville said they’d die out,
Said that it was nature’s way,
Now the white man owns the country,
And he’ll never go away.

Take the children from the parents,
To be civilised and tamed,
Take them from their kin and country,
Make them of their culture shamed.

C               G         
But there’s a line into the distance,
D                     G
goes back sixty thousand years,
C                     G
And I’m walking on it homeward,
     D               Em
Through my anger and my tears.

Young Daisy and Molly,
Back in 1931,
Taken to Moore River
From their home in Jigalong

But the land it has a voice,
And it calls into the heart,
Reaching out across the songlines,
We will never be apart.

Well Kevin he said sorry,
Back in 2008,
But the action that followed,
Well it surely wasn’t great.

From the heart there was a statement,
By the guardians of the land,
But the arrogance of Turnbull,
Dismissed it out of hand.