The Poet’s Den

Written for Dr Malcolm Guite, for his fabulous creations – by Daniel Kelly 2024

    G                 Em     C
From out the haze of smokey rings,
    G                 Am7 D
A gentle voice with magic sings,
    Em                    D      C
Ensconced all round with wisdoms bound,
    G                 D          G
The heart revives to hear the sound,

Of crystal clink with amber dew,
Or lighter set to flame anew,
Betwixt each word the listener waits,
As piper puffs and tale relates,

Aboard the ship that walked the dawn,
Or troll with bone of Tom’s kin gnawn,
We sit in cozy Hobbit hole,
A haven from the rush and brawl.

Follow through the wardrobe door,
To lantern waste, and cavern floor,
The rain stick tips at Heaney’s pen,
A journey there and back again.

And all too soon the clock will chime,
The pipe weed glow is lost with time,
Until we knock at door again,
See where the poet takes us then,