Flerken Frustration

By Daniel Kelly - 2024

We’ve got Flerkens on the Bridge,
We’ve got Flerkens in Med Bay,
We’ve got Flerkens in the bathroom,
They just won’t go away.

It’s best if you stop running,
That only makes them mad,
As for Flerken infestation,
               C                F
This is the worst that we have had

A crew-mate tried to catch one,
And they were swallowed whole,
    B              F
We need to find a way,
               C          F
To get these cats under control.

You may not have heard of Flerkens,
They look just like a cat,
But when the tentacles come out,
You’ll soon be forgetting that.

Chewbacca Sassy Danvers,
Is a Flerken you may know,
Rocket tried to kill her,
But Carol she said no.

Goose laid eggs on SABER,
Hidden all over the station,
Nick Fury was a bit confused,
But hope grew from frustration.