Bleak Creek

by Daniel Kelly – 2024

(written about the Rhett and Link book The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek)

    Em               C            Em
Something’s in the water of Bleak Creek
    Am              Em
Strange things are going down,
    G                D    C
In what was such a sleepy town,
         Em  D        G      D
Be careful or you’re gonna drown,
Em        C       Em
Look out Rex and Leaf.

Rex and Leaf were shooting their new film,
Dog Nights of the Living dead,
At least I think that’s what they said,
Tragedy struck them both instead,
When they lost a friend.

If you meet the watcher in the woods,
Hiding by the river side,
He’ll take you for a wild ride,
The only one to get outside,
Buy that man a drink.

Desperate people doing desperate things,
Building power and respect,
Hidden secrets and regrets,
Watch out kids you might be next,
Hope that you can swim.