Child #92 – Bonny Bee Hom

    G      C      G      D
By Arthur's vale as late I went
    G        C  G
I heard a heavy moan;
   C     D     G     C
I heard a lady crying loud,
    G        D       G   D G C G
And oh she cried Oh no!

Oh no, alas! what shall I do,
I’m tormented night and day!
I never had a love but him,
And now he's gone away.

But I will do for my true-love
What ladies would think wrong;
For seven years shall come and go
Before I comb my hair so long.

I’ll wear no shoes upon my feet,
And never comb my hair,
Nor ever will the candle-light
Shine in my room so fair.

She thought her love had been at sea,
Fast sailing to his home;
But he was in another room,
Listening to her moan.

Be quiet now my lady dear,
I pray thee mourn not so;
For I have made a solemn vow,
My own home for to go.

She gave to him a chain of gold,
And a ring with a bright ruby:
As long as this chain is round your neck,
Spilled your blood can never be.

But if this ring should fade or break,
Or the stone should change its hue,
You will know your love is dead and gone,
Or she has proved untrue.

He had not been returned to home,
For twelve month and a day,
Till, he looked down at his ruby ring,
And the stone grew dark and grey.

Oh take the riches that I own,
And give them to the poor,
To the young and old who have no food,
And the blind that see no more

Now death has come to this young man,
And split his heart in two;
His soul it floated in the air,
And to his love it flew.