A Piece of White Paper

G                          C               G
Standing outside, with a piece of white paper,
     G               D          G
All over China, we’re taking a stand.
Our voices were silenced, on threat of violence,
     C          G          D          G
But now we’ve awoken, all over the land.

     G            C               G
all over the land, all over the land,
C          G
We defy the Party,
     D         G
all over the land.

The children are burning, locked up in a tower,
Out west in Urumqi, they’ll never come home,
The government crackdown, on covid continues,
While the rest of the world, are all free to roam.

They’re all free to roam, They’re all free to roam,
While we’re locked up in cages,
They’re all free to roam

We’re calling for Xi, to let go of power,
He’s had his two terms, its time to step down,
And while we are talking, of unfettered power,
It’s time for the Party, to return to the ground,

Return to the ground, Return to the ground,
It’s the end of the Party,
Now return to the ground.

We’re standing in Shanghai, standing in Guangzhou,
We stand in Beijing, and out in Chengdu,
Listen to our voices, we will not be silenced,
You may kill a few, but we’re coming for you.

we’re coming for you, we’re coming for you,
There’s power in the people,
we’re coming for you.

What is Art?

by Daniel Kelly - 2021
C                    G
What is Art, what is art?
              F            C
Here’s an argument I’ll start,
Must it always be original,
F                  C
Created from the heart?
F                   G
Can I buy it from Ikea,
C          G         F
or at the Kwick-E-Mart
C                    G           C
What is art, what is art what is art?

C                       F            C
20,000 years ago, at Montignac in France,
Some people scratched upon the walls,
F                          C
Making stags and horses dance,
F                          G
Were they doing it for money,
C             G      F
Or putting on a show?
F                    C
Or was it just a menu,
C                    G    C
I guess we’ll never know.

What is Art, what is Art?
Am I doing art right now,
Though I probably stole the melody,
From another song somehow,
I didn’t write the language,
And I didn’t start the row,
What is art, what is art what is art

Those folks over in Malta,
They like their women large,
Immortalised in sculpture,
And maybe decoupage,
The beauty of 5000 years,
Preserved in fired clay,
Art that still endures,
And is relevant today.

What is Art, what is Art?
Who gets to decide,
Is it a matter of semantics?
Or really one of pride,
I think skill and expression,
Are good things to sit astride,
What is art, what is art what is art

Now Andy took a can of soup,
And slapped it on a page,
He didn’t even touch the thing,
But his art was all the rage,
Yes it was in the 60s,
When we really lost the plot,
Throw it in a dumpster,
And burn the flamin’ lot,

What is Art, what is art?
Here’s an argument I’ll start,
Must it always be original,
Created from the heart?
Can I buy it from Ikea,
or at the Kwick-E-Mart
What is art, what is art what is art?

That Eric Bogle writes his songs,
With such beautiful rhymes,
But to find all of those words himself,
He hasn’t got the time,
So he looks them up in someone’s book,
Should that now be a crime?
What is Art, What is Art, What is Art.

What is Art, what is Art?
Now my song is at an end,
I stole that from the Irish
Or was it just a lend?
So go and make your art I say,
For yourself or for a friend,
It is art, it is art it is art

It is art, it is art,
If you made it from the heart,
With your hands, or with
Computers, or tenticular parts,
If you bought it at Ikea,
Or at the Kwick-E-Mart,
It is art, it is art, it is art.

Squid Game

By Daniel Kelly, 2021, to Bob Dylan's It's Alright Ma

Since the days of ancient Rome,
There’s been those that rule, those who are owned,
Whether by the chain, or by what is ow’n
They’re doomed to die scared and alone,
Within the silent catacomb, of this squid game.

The preachers preach compounding fears,
While lining robes with silent tears,
Of the innocent young with no careers,
Crippled inside the grinding gears,
Tuned well by the monstrous engineers, of this squid game.

Gamble life and gamble love,
To beat the game and rise above,
Just one more horse and one more shove,
Give two with hand, take ten with glove,
Cheat the good, kill peace’s dove,
If you ever hope to win this squid game,
So don't lose your nerve
It’s the greater good you serve
It's alright, Man, you’re just dying

From up their in the castle high,
They watch us toil, they watch us die,
No chance they’ll ever share the pie,
With those who crawl with jealous eye,
Amidst the ladders, swings and stys,
They carefully constructed for this squid game.

And when at last your bodies dead,
They steel the eyes from in your head,
Heart, liver, lungs are sold for bread,
The Chinese dragon must be fed,
We all are slowly blindly led,
Into the darkest heart of this squid game.


Smug and Woke

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

             C                 G
Michael is a poet, a national prize
                F                                G
His cartoons show compassion, and call out the lies
                C                            G
But the new folk committee, in an action bizarre
                F                     G7        C
They threw out his poster, a virtue signal too far

I’m so smug and woke, I’m so smug and woke,
There’s no social issue I’m too proud to stoke,
I’m so smug and woke, I’m so smug and woke,
If I see another old white man I’ll choke. 
(Lay off Michael Leunig, He’s a really good bloke)

Pete Seeger he taught us, intolerance is for fools,
They cancelled miss Rowling, like Umbridge's rules,
But there is an army, of free thinking folk,
Who stick to their morals, and refuse to be woke.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think rapists are bad,
And racists and bigots sure make me feel mad,
But humanity thrives, on a spectrum of views,
And if you demand thought compliance, We’re all bound to lose

Once Again (in Afghanistan)

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

            G      C                 D
There were women, on the streets of Kabul
           G                 C             D
With their hair uncovered, dancing in the breeze,
           Em              C
They were learning, driving cars,
     G               C
And reaching for the stars,
     Bm              D’
In Afghanistan, in 1970

     G             C  
Once again, once again,
Em      G            C
We will be there once again,
     G          C               D
No matter how deep the darkness seems
     G          C
Once again, once again,
     Bm              C
I’ll meet with you then,
When the women and the
   D             G
country both are free.

There were women, singing there in Kabul,
Watch Hangama, there on the TV,
Sharing the stage with men,
We’ll see that once again,
In Afghanistan, inevitably.

When the women, flew out of Kabul,
They weren’t fleeing, violence and hate,
They were the pilots and the crew,
Of Kam Air, in February 22,
In Afghanistan, say it’s not too late

(Hey Xi Jinping) Lift that Ban on Falun Gong

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

G(C)                       C(F)          G (C)
Hey Xi Jinping, lift that ban on Falun Gong,
     C (F)                G (C)
The Party hunted them for 20 years,
     G(C)                 D(G)
Turns out Jiang Zemin was wrong,
You won’t listen to your people,
     C(F)          G(C)
So I put it in a song,
C(F)       G(C)            D(G)          G(C)
Hey Xi Jinping, lift that ban on Falun Gong.

You may think they are strange, exercising in a park,
Candles and yellow t-shirts,
Sitting silent in the dark,
But they really are good people,
The truth is clear and stark,
It’s time to stop the violence, on the future to embark,

Master Li started his teaching, in nineteen ninety-two,
The practice spread so quickly,
To be gentle, strong and true,
With 100 million people,
The Party knew not what to do,
So Jiang declared a crackdown, freedom it was through

China has a constitution, says people are free,
To worship and to gather,
But this doesn’t seem to be,
When thousands have been murdered
Millions locked up endlessly,
The Party runs China as a Gulag,
The truth is plain to see,

Rabbit Proof Fence

By Daniel Kelly – National ‘Sorry Day’, 26 May 2021

Mr Neville said they’d die out,
Said that it was nature’s way,
Now the white man owns the country,
And he’ll never go away.

Take the children from the parents,
To be civilised and tamed,
Take them from their kin and country,
Make them of their culture shamed.

C               G         
But there’s a line into the distance,
D                     G
goes back sixty thousand years,
C                     G
And I’m walking on it homeward,
     D               Em
Through my anger and my tears.

Young Daisy and Molly,
Back in 1931,
Taken to Moore River
From their home in Jigalong

But the land it has a voice,
And it calls into the heart,
Reaching out across the songlines,
We will never be apart.

Well Kevin he said sorry,
Back in 2008,
But the action that followed,
Well it surely wasn’t great.

From the heart there was a statement,
By the guardians of the land,
But the arrogance of Turnbull,
Dismissed it out of hand.

The Ballad of the Commercial Hotel

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

C       G         D        G   
Around 1850 she opened her doors,
   C         G             Am        D
A beer and a bed, for the traveling scores,
     G               D          Em       C
John Gibbons he dreamed of business done well,
           G               Bm         D         G
When he pulled the first beer at his Commercial Hotel

Just twenty years later, in the time of the flood,
The North of the town, it was buried in mud,
Mr Coles had a heart, and he answered the bell,
When he offered the rooms of the Commercial Hotel.

Sadly the fire, in 1903,
Started in the parlour, but quickly spread free,
Though the brigade fought hard, there was only a shell,
When the flames did their worst, to the Commercial Hotel

Just twenty years on, the hotel shined anew,
Mrs Johnstone employed great architects two,
Monk and Jeffs had plan, a contractor as well  
and Lawrence rebuilt the Commercial Hotel 

Last drinks were served just 16 years ago,
In a place that had built the community so,
Watching her decay, I know many tears fell,
No one is drinking, at the Commercial Hotel

But now comes the news, another buyer is found,
Will he be like the last, drive her into the ground,
We can only hope, as time it will tell,
If drink once again, at the commercial hotel.


Change or Perish

by Daniel Kelly – March 2021

G                       C               G
The first people here, they flourished and grew,
       C             G             Am       D   
They planted and burned to seasons they knew,
G                              C         G
Respecting the cycles in the river and field,
       C                    G             D             G            
Taking just what was needed from earth’s bountiful yield

C             G      D        G
Change or perish that is the way,
C             G             D      G
I hear the voice of the ancestors say,
C             G             D        G
Every small thing that you do to the land,
C             G                D             G
Will return amplified to the palm of your hand
Em                   C             D      G
Though change can be hard, just give it a try,
C             G             D             G
The earth will reward, you’ll see by and by

The settlers they cleared, ploughed, poisoned each claim,
Slaughtered the creatures on mountain and plain,
Brought in the rabbit, the fox and the toad,
Broke the old songlines with rail and road.

And now after decades of unfettered greed,
Our mother earth’s demons are finally freed,
The storm and the fire, the drought and the flood,
Have come for their payment, delivered in blood.

We can try something new, in this hour of need,
Replant and replenish land scarred by our greed,
Seek power from the sunlight, the wind and the stream,
Leave the oil in the well, and the coal in the seam

Choose to Challenge

by Daniel Kelly, for International Women’s Day 2021

Em                  Bm
Challenge the silence, imposed on the child,
Am                  Em              C
Bring back their voice, let them tell what’s been done,
Em                  Bm
Groomed and abused, in a system that failed,
Am          Em      C       Em
Then threatened with prison, for sharing their tale.

C           G       D       G
The choice is for you, It is made every day,
C           G       D           C
To ignore what is wrong, or stand in its way,
C             G               D        C
Use your own power, though small it may be,
C           G           D       Em
To fight for the voiceless, to be equal and free.

Challenge the blame, laid on the woman,
The hundreds of reasons, that make it her fault,
The drink, or the dress, or the time in the evening,
That made her fair game, for sexual assault.

Challenge the free pass, we give to the man,
He was young, he was foolish, he made a mistake,
In destroying the lives, of a million young women,
Think of his career, and the money he’d make.

Challenge the silence, challenge the lies,
The spin on the TV, the wolves in sheep's guise,
All this stuff happened, so long ago,
Women don’t remember, what would they know

How America Falls

by Daniel Kelly - 2020

       G             C             Em                 D
You say Trump’s the messiah, the great saviour at hand,
       G             C             Em          D
But never has America, been a more divided land.
        G                  Em            C            G
If you think there aren’t good people, across the barricade,
          Em               C             C                    D     
Then the hell you are about to live, is one that you have made.

You say Trump is a monster, but in truth he’s just a man,
Put there by the people, who felt excluded from the plan,
His message of division, it fell on willing ears,
Hardened by isolation, and amplified by fear.

Em            C        G           Em D
This is how America falls,
C                    G
This is how America falls,
 Em           C        G
This is how America falls,
C                D       G
Severed by a thousand walls.

When we give up on our reason, and only see the lies,
It’s easy to see enemies, it’s easy to take sides,
America was built on, the hope for unity,
On justice and tranquillity, eternal liberty.

A nation of diversity, of many different views,
Living in peace together, each with the right to choose,
But now you are against me, or else you’re on my side,
There is no consolation, bridge over the divide.

When Hamilton and Johnson, penned those magic lines,
with Morris, King and Madison, they sought a future fine,
In 1787, the world was brave and new,
Nothing like the tragedy, we now have come to view.

So reach out to your neighbour, whether red or blue,
Learn to live in tolerance, of different points of view,
It is only our compassion, will see us through this night,
And truth will rise just like the sun, revealing what is right.


Written for Ruth Bader Ginsberg by Daniel Kelly – September 2020

          Em              C      G    D
Ruth was born in New your City, in 1933,
 C                   G                 Am          D
Daughter of Jewish immigrants, they nicknamed her Kiki,
Em                   C                    G               D
Inspired by her mother, to seek the skills she was denied,
C                    G                  Am             D        G
But before Ruth finished highschool, cancer took Cecila’s pride,

    C      G         Em  D 
So Ruth became, Notorious,
C                    G
Aware of the injustice,
       Em                   D
That defined a woman’s life,
     G                     Em
She fought against the system,
G                    D
For eighty-seven years,
C                    G             D
No-one is more worthy of our tears,

Ruth enrolled at Harvard, ’56 in the fall,
In a class of 500 hundred men, of 9 women she stood tall,
The Dean of Law demanded, why she took the place of a man?
When she graduated first in ’59, it proved that women can.

It was while Ruth was in Sweden, she saw another way,
That a land built on in-equality, didn’t have to stay,
She had fought on 300 cases, by nineteen seventy four,
Of six fought in the Supreme Court, she won five but wanted more.

In 93 Ruth rose, to the nation’s highest court,
Every woman gained, from the equality she brought,
To New Zealand she swore to move, if Trump ever took power,
But she fought cancer and misogyny until her final hour.


Tons of Sharks

by Daniel Kelly – 2020

Three hundred tons of sharks on board,
Three hundred tons of sharks,
killed in the national park me boys,
Killed in the national park.
With me way, hay, Greenies be damned,
We’ll purge the life from sea and land.
We’ll purge the life from sea and land.

We cut off all their fins, me boys,
Cut off all their fins,
And throw them into tins, me boys,
Throw them in to tins.
With me way, hay, Greenies be damned,
We’ll purge the life from sea and land.
We’ll purge the life from sea and land.

Ecuador won’t check our hold,
They’ll never check our hold,
Cause China lent them piles of gold,
It lent them piles of gold,
With me way, hay, Greenies be damned,
We’ll purge the life from sea and land.
We’ll purge the life from sea and land.

The silky and the hammer heard,
The silky and hammer head,
Do something or they’ll all be dead,
Yes soon they’ll all be dead
With me way, hay, Greenies be damned,
We’ll purge the life from sea and land.
We’ll purge the life from sea and land.




Death of the Red Dragon

by Daniel Kelly – July 2020

       G                    Am
For 21 years we’ve been fighting,
     C   G              Am
For 21 years we’ve been strong,
          C          G
With the truth in our hearts,
And unbreakable will,
           C          G             Am   G
We have weathered the storm for so long

     C        G                Am
And now is the time for you to fall,
      Am      G            Am
Your evil has been revealed to all,
Dm                   Am
The red dragon of the east,
The vilest of beasts,
              Am            G      Am
It’s time to write your destruction on wall,
           C          G             Am
Cast the Party down, come and head the call

You fear the honest and gentle,
You despise the compassionate heart,
And that is why,
on 20 July,
Your attack on the Falun Gong starts

But now you have tortured the Uighurs,
And murdered the kids in Hong Kong,
With your compromised phones,
And face scanning drones,
The people won’t stand you for long.

You corrupted the worlds politicians,
Your tentacles reach everywhere,
With money in bags,
The Belt and Road grabs,
Let he who has ears let him hear,

We See You

by Daniel Kelly – 2020

Dm                         C
What can we do when the memories they fade?
              G                        Am
When the tracks in the mind, forget where they’re laid,
       Dm                   Am
The sight of a friend, a familiar face,
       G                          Am
Sparks no recognition, just a blank empty space.

The wheels of the mind, that once spun fast and free,
Now grind on so slowly, with rust and debris,
The pinons cut cleanly, now broken and through,
Rattle on axles, not sure what to do.

C         G       Am    C  G     Am
But we still see you, just as you were,
and we still hear you, just as you were.

This monster you grapple, day after day,
A moment you’re here, next moment away.
I can see your anguish, the burgeoning fear
As you struggle to find, thoughts that are clear.

I hope that some memories, are solid and strong,
Those ones that you cling to, places long gone,
A moment in childhood, a small furry friend,
To carry you through, the dark lonesome end,


When you are released, from this broken down cage,
From the engines of time, and the sorrows of age,
I know that your spirit, in clarity bright,
Will fly to the future, with unfettered sight.

Song for George Floyd

By Daniel Kelly 2020

Em                      C
Since they shot young Medgar Evers,
     G       D
Way back in 63’
Em                      C
To be a black man in America,
G                     D
Is to never truly be free,

              C                  G
There are blessings we take for granted,
          G             D
To be respected by the law,
     Em                 C
To be taken at the strength of our word,
   G                    D
Instead of the clothes we wore,

     Em                    C
You can’t fight fire with fire,
          G            D
Then everything just burns,
     Em                           C
With the hate rising higher and higher,
     G              D
Madness is all we earn,  

George Floyd may not have been perfect,
He had even done some time,
But he was father of two daughters,
and not guilty of a crime,

For a bill of twenty-dollars,
The shop owner thought was fake,
George died on the ground,
with a knee in his neck,
His life wasn’t theirs to take
There is silence from the White House,
Except for the threat of a gun,
No sign of reconciliation,
Just more death when the fighting is done,

I remember there was a President,
It seems so long ago,
Whose voice it rang out in Amazing Grace,
Compassion he knew how to show,


Previously Unsung Heroes

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

Dm               C          Dm          Am
I’ll sing you a song of a band of bold heroes,
F                 C         Dm            Am
A band of bold heroes that work in our town,
Dm                        C        Dm            Am
But they do not wield lances, or ride on white chargers,
Dm                   C             F             Dm
They don’t conjure spirits, or call the rain down,

But their stacking the shelves, down at the ALDI,
They’re working the checkouts, with never a frown,
It’s something you realise, in times of great crisis,
The worlds supermarkets, keep it spinning round.

F                  C           Dm                 Am
Heil, Heil, the ALDI crew, You know we all depend on you,
Dm C          Dm    Am     Dm            C      Dm
Working hard to see us through, Heil,Heil the ALDI crew.

I’ll keep their names secret, they’re not seeking glory,
They work from the dawn, till the sun’s going down,
Exchanging the foot spa or set of new beach towels,
I don’t want the blue, could you swap for the brown?

There may be no flour, and no toilet paper,
But today there was meat, and a broccoli crown,
Be kind to your heroes, you can’t live without them,
They’re the ones you can trust, when your ships going down

Say thankyou the next time, they scan in your wine box,
It may be the only face you see for three days,
They do not wear capes, or leap of tall buildings,
But they’re keeping us sane in the bravest of ways.






The Ballad of Ned Smelly

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

              Am            C             G
She was a hefty eighteen wheeler, Coming out of Ballarat,
              Am                C                Am
She could drive the Western Highway, in 7 hours flat,
       C                    G
There been a tip-off at the Woollies,
       Am                   Em
From Kev in packing so I’m told,
              C             G
That the cargo she was hauling,
              Am       G         Am
Was three tonnes of fresh white gold,

       G             Am
White Gold, White Gold,
              C             G
Yes the cargo she was hauling,
              Am     G             Am
Was three tonnes of fresh white gold,

Now Edward and his men, they’d set up at Bordertown,
The locals never noticed, just what was going down,
A Jim’s mowing Ute to block the road,
They’d seen it on the telly,
The greatest heist in history,
Pulled off by one Ned Smelly.

Ned Smelly, Ned Smelly,
The greatest heist in history,
Pulled off by one Ned Smelly.

The gang were in position, the Ute it blocked the road,
The highway it was quiet, except’n for a toad,
The driver put his brakes on,
He surely got a fright,
And sixteen hundred bog rolls,
were lost into the night

Bog Rolls, Bog Rolls,
Yes sixteen hundred bog rolls,
Were lost into the night,

Now Ned he didn’t steal for fame, or just to make a packet,
Yes it was out of kindness, that he got into this racket,
Outside of every nursing home,
And bowls club in the land,
Was a neat pile of toilet rolls,
Ready for desperate hands,

Desperate hands, desperate hands,
Yes a neat pile of toilet rolls,
Ready for desperate hands,

       Em                   Am            C                    G
When you’re walking down the aisle, and the toilet papers gone,
Em                   Am            C                    Am    
You can think of bold Ned Smelly, and the message in my song,

Now his name passed in to legend, as the crisis did abate,
And everyone one had paper, for to clean their date,
But he often is remembered,
When sitting on the john,
In a nursing home or bowls club,
And the paper isn’t gone,

Ballad of the Four Horsemen

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

Am                     G               C         G             Am
And I looked and saw a white horse, galloping across the plane,
Am               G              G       Am
And the horse a rider, pestilence his name,
C                  G         Am           G                          
On his head was a corona, in in his hand a bow,
 Am                    G          C           G    Am
On earth he loosed his arrows, piercing lungs below.

C             G            Am    C        G             Am
After the white horse comes war, After the white horse comes war,
C                        G         C                    G
For the people on of the earth,   The gods are settling scores,
C          G               Am
After the white horse comes war.

And I looked and saw the red horse, he was rising in the East,
Sharpening the sickle, preparing for the feast,
After slaughtering the people, for almost a hundred years,
The Red Dragon awakens, ready for spreading tears.

Then a horse a black as midnight, it cantered down the hill,
His rider held the scales, and a mouth he could not fill,
He stole the bread from many, a billion people starved,
But the rich still drank in comfort, Burning petrol in their cars.

The final rider beckons, Skeletal is his hand,
On horse that’s pale and sickly, Sweeping over the land,
He hunts down the survivors, Of all that’s come before,
Dragging the unwilling, Down to the darkest door.

Number Two

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

          G                       C         G
I was sitt’n on the dunny, as a fella likes to do,
          C             G         Am             D
And I’d just come to the end, of a colossal number two,
But when my hand reached for the paper,
     C         D         Em
A chill went through my soul,
          C                  G             D            G
For my fingers touched the cardboard, of an empty toilet roll.

My eyes they scanned the dunny, for that disaster saving spare,
But on that little wooden pole, was flamin’ nothing there,
I called out to the misses,
Is there any more TP?
Sorry love she answered,
Woolies and Coles are out till three.

          C                  G
Where out of paper, out of paper,
          C             G
The people stormed the stores,
          C             G
There’s been toilet paper wars,
          C             G
Empty shelves across the land,
     D                  G
the situations out of hand.

See there’s been a little outbreak, of a virus overseas,
And Australians love their dunny rolls, they make them feel at ease,
They didn’t stockpile medicine, drinking water or baked beans
They stripped the country of toilet rolls, can someone explain please?

I looked down at the toilet floor, and my fluffy bichon fries,
As I gave Frank my apologies, something brushed my knees,
It was a copy of The Telegraph,
No idea how it got there,
But nothing could be better, to wipe my derriere

Found some paper, found some paper,
It’s not good enough to read,
But it sure did do the deed,
If you find you’re in bind,
Rupert’s good for your behind,

So thankyou mister Murdoch, your paper saved my arse,
If it wasn’t for The Telegraph, that journalistic farce,
So I recommend to everyone, you should buy one for your loo,
In case you’re similarly stranded, when doing number two.