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Speeding Down to Mos Eisley

A Filk by Daniel Kelly, to the tune of ‘Ol’ Maui’ – May 4 2021 It’s a damn tough life full of sand and strife We live on Tatooine. And we don’t give a damn when the day is done … Continue reading

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R2’s Song

A Parody on Taylor Swift’s ‘Our Song’ I was riding shotgun with my bolts undone in the front seat of his speeder He’s got one-hand on his light sabre, The other on my beeper I look around, turn the scanner … Continue reading

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Violent Night

Violent Night, Sorrowful Night, Poor younglings, too small to fight Anakin killed them one by one, Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, Murder on Coruscant x2 Violent Night, Terrible Night, Jedi Temple, drained of light, Padwans lie dead on the … Continue reading

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