Mothers Song

New words for Ed Pickford’s ‘Workers Song’

Come all of you mothers
Who toil night and day
By hand and by brain
Without any pay
Who for centuries long past
Have made the world’s bread
Have bled for your children
And counted your dead.

In the factories and mills
Hospitals and schools
You’ve often been told
To follow the rules
Your skills are not valued
The men run the job
With unequal pay,
Your pride they have robbed.

But when the sky darkens
And the money gets hard,
Who’s given a spade
And then pushed to the yard?
The family to feed,
By the work of your hand
When you never owned 
One handful of land.

She’s the first one to starve
She’s the first one to die
She’s the first one in line
For that “pie in the sky”
And she’s always the last
When the cream is shared out
For the mother is working
When the husbands are out

When it comes to your body,
And the rights that you own,
It’s been made a prison,
Enslaved in your home,
You are blamed for the rape,
And the pregnancy too,
And now the decisions
Are not up to you.

All of these things
The mother has done
From tilling a field
To bearing the young
Yoked to the plough
Since time first began
And always expected to carry the man

Song for David

Written for the Canadian human rights campaigner David Kilgour by Daniel Kelly, 2022.

Am                    C
When David sat down by the brook,
G                Am
considering the stones,
    C                     G
He watched the water flowing by,
Am         G         Am
And listen to its moan.

C                       G
Stand up stand up, you bravest son,
    C            G   Am
And take five stones from me,
    C                         G
And by the strength of your right hand,
         Am    G      Am
These people will be free.

So David took the stones so smooth,
The stones of truth were made,
He took his sling into his hand,
On shepherds staff his hand was laid.

And David strode into the field,
To face the violent foe,
Who taunted, jeered, and massacred,
The world’s good people so.

And on the field he made a stand,
And spoke his truth quite plain,
Your time has come, you wicked fiend,
You’ll slaughter not again.

The foe he wailed and shook his fist,
He cursed by gods so vile,
The world will never listen boy,
Not while the dollars pile.

But David’s stone, flew fast and true,
It struck a mortal blow,
And before the setting of the sun,
The world had come to know.

Now David’s gone, that hero strong,
Of silent souls defending,
We miss his voice and steady hand,
As lives and worlds are ending.



G                                            Em  D      G
Who is he that the faithful flock would let him lead?
G                         Bm
At what cost, is your honour lost,
              Em     D     G
Your heart filled with greed,
              Em    D     G
Your heart filled with greed,

C           D    G
It is a con you see,
C              G    D
Oh, yes a con indeed
            Em    D  G        Em
You’re no child of God, not a chance
         C   G    D      G
You were never freed, never freed.

Sell the doctrine, of success, watch the money breed,
Paint a lie, of pious life,
With a poison seed,
With a poison seed,

Just you take, some simple chords, and an emotive lead,
Tap the insecurity,
and you can make them bleed,
yes you can make them bleed,

Pay the writers, pennies worth, claim it a Christian deed,
Push the goods, on the gullible,
Watch your congregation breed,
Watch your congregation breed,

Buddies with Prime Ministers, you share a common creed,
Sell the dream, of prosperity,
When it’s on them you feed,
When it’s on them you feed

Bad Vlad

by Daniel Kelly 2022

Intro C E7 F G7

C             A7    G7   C
What are you doin’ Vladimir?
C          A7         G7     Dm 
Your game plan is not quit clear,
G7              Dm        F          Dm
We know that you don’t really want Ukraine,
C               A7     Dm      C
So what are you doin’, please explain.

They paint you as the bad guy, on TV,
But you must have known, this is what we’d see,
Bombings of children, horrific war,
Things we’ve seen hundreds of time before.

Is this just revenge, for the NATO snub,
Back in Y2K when you asked to join the club.
You left upset, with your bat and ball,
Have you come back now, to burn it all?

With a little soft power, and some good fake news,
Ukraine would be yours, with a puppet you choose,
So why have you put on a violent show,
There must be a reason, please let use know.

Did you invade to silence, the Oligarchs,
Have the Western sanctions hit their mark?
While you moved your own wealth safe onshore,
Russian Billionaire kids, post against the war.

If I put on, my tinfoil hat,
Is Zelenskyy an actor, imagine that,
Is this all a charade for the great reset,
How much darker is it going to get

Ukraine Abandoned

by Daniel Kelly - 2022
I am chained upon this mountain side,
C               Em
A sacrificial feast,
           G               D
For the hungry bear that roams the
Em         D      Em
barren wasteland of the East,
C                    G
I can hear the stamping of his paws,
The grinding of this teeth,
Em                   C
The claws that rip the tender flesh,
Em              D    Em
Devour what’s underneath.

I gave my weapons up to you,
In 1994,
You said that you would come for me,
If there ever was a war,
But war is here, and it seems that you
Are nowhere to be seen,
The promises of western powers,
Are merely lies and dreams,

You think I am the maiden,
Scarified for peace,
But I am the pandora’s box,
From which horror is released,
Because if you will not come to my aid,
The path is global war,
With brother fighting brother,
As has ever been before.

The princes in their power,
Move pieces on the board,
Giving up the Ukraine,
To appease the Russian horde,
But the fight will soon come do their door,
Their mothers and their sons,
For it will be the same for all,
As it is allowed for one.

You say Putin is the monster,
The source of all the pain,
Invading land he doesn’t own,
For nationalistic gain,
But it was you who held out NATO,
Used the Ukraine as a shield,
But left them in the hour of need,
To be slaughtered on the field,

Keep Politics out of Sport

by Daniel Kelly – 2022

Keep Politics out of Sport,
Is what I heard him say,
If we let them hide, the genocide,
It’s sure to go away.
There’s people making money here,
And there’s sports careers at stake,
Am                     Em
This ain’t the time to make a stand,
Am            G       Am
Even as the Uyghurs break.

Keep Politics out of Sport,
Is what he said to me,
They promised in 2008,
that everyone was free,
This isn’t a surveillance state,
We have the rule of law,
Peng Shui is safe, insider her home,
Of that you can be sure.

Keep Politics out of Sport,
Remember your history,
We joined the games in 36’
In an open Germany,
I can’t recall what happened next,
They were probably okay,
It’s not like they used the platform,
To justify their violent way,

Keep Politics out of Sport,
Just let the players play,
The Uyghurs and the Falun Gong,
Are probably okay,
We don’t understand the drivers,
They have a different need,
To beat, kill and to imprison,
People who should be freed.

Keep Politics out of Sport,
Forget about Taiwan,
They’re probably gonna end up,
Like the people in Hong Kong,
We can’t impose democracy,
We can’t enforce what’s right,
If we boycott Beijing’s Olympics,
We could well start a fight.

Save the Whales (Screw the Manatees)

By Daniel Kelly – 2022 (to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic)

I turned the television on just the other day,
the scientists are saying climate change is here to stay,
If we can’t reduce emissions there’s a price we have to pay
We’re all going to die

Save the Whales, Screw the Manatees
Save the Whales, Screw the Manatees,
Save the Whales, Screw the Manatees,
We’re all going to die.

The plastic in the ocean is a terrible disgrace,
Straws and bags and fishing nets clogging up the place,
Killing all the turtles, fish and octopusal race,
They’re all going to die.

We’ve been cutting down the forests now for a hundred years,
Displacing all the animals, ignoring all the fears,
With the creatures all extinct it’s too late for shedding tears,
We’re all going to die.

The governments are puppets of the 1% elite,
Greta and the protesters have no way to compete
The only way to change it is to get up on your feet,
Or we’re all going to die


7 Years Old in El Salvador

By Daniel Kelly – 2019 for #AmplifytheChildren

G                    C      G
I was 7 years old in El Salvador, 
C                        G            D
my parents decided that they needed more,
G                       C              G
A safe place to live, to work and to grow
C                  G         D         G
Away from the violence and hunger we know. 

We came to the border, in sight of the land,
We had hoped would accept us, with a welcoming hand,
But soon all our hopes, were dashed to the ground,
Taken from my family, now in prison I’m found.

D                         C                    G
And I wonder what’s going through that guards mind
C                      G         Em            D     
As he threatens and yells, with language unkind
D                    C           G
Doesn’t he have, children of his own?
C                 G           D
Is hate all that he’s ever known?

One day the nurse came, to show us some care,
To brush all the lice from our dirt tangle hair,
She left the comb with us, she could see our need,
The guards demanded we return it, driven by greed.

Oh how they shouted in meaningless rage,
And threatened to take the beds from our cage,
When the comb wasn’t found, our blankets they stole,
We slept on concrete so cold. 

So I tell you my story, and I hope that you’ll hear,
We are children like yours, imprisoned down here.
Would you be so cruel, to one of your own?
On this planet we are together alone.

I am seven years old, in the US of A,
But I don’t feel too lucky, being here today,
I was hoping for freedom, a new life ahead,
Now my parents are gone and I wish I was dead.

Voice Treaty Truth

by Daniel Kelly – 2019

G          D      G
Language keeps us proud,
               C      G       D
It hold’s the spirit of our people,
    Em  D   G            C            G   D
Only 13 now remain, of the hundreds spoken here.
    Em    D      G                     C      G       D
Language gave us voice, it holds the stories of our dreaming,
         C            G            C        D        G
The culture that sustains us, and ties us to the land.

        C      D       G
I will find my voice again,
         C        G            D
I will sing the songs of my people,
         Em       D   G
We will make a treaty now,
           C        G          D
With the ones who took our land,
         Em          D
We will speak the truth,
        G  D   C
With an open heart,
C        D            G            C   D
And find a future shared

Our country was never lost,
Our people never surrendered,
It is occupied land, that you walk upon,
It is time to make amends, to change the constitution,
A treaty signed between us, first people recognised.

The truth is hard to face,
The years of decimation,
Of our people and our land, the culture you erased,
The souls you ground to dust, the children who were taken
We must stare it in the eye, no turning from the past


by Daniel Kelly

G               C      G       C
They call me a Social Justice Warrior
     F          C          G
For trying to change the world,
     F          G          C    G    F
A snowflake, a dreamer, a bleeding heart,
     F         G      C  G F
But I’m just here to do my part
F          G          C
A voice against the crowd.

         C             G        C          F
You have cut down the trees, Poisoned the seas,
 F         G          C          F
Raped the earth, done as you please
     Am        F          G         C
My message is simple, not hard to explain,
     F               Am         G         C
Stop fracking and polluting for power and gain,
F               C          G
Preserve the earth for the young.

You keep women down, don’t give them a choice,
Laugh at their stories, and silence their voice,
They are partners and equals, not chattel or slaves,
Mothers and sisters, wise caring and brave,
It’s time for the balance to change.

You trample on cultures, a thousand years old,
Their dreaming is packaged, to be bought and sold,
You have something to learn from the lives they have led,
Their care for each other, and the land that they tread,
Respect the wisdom they hold.

Your children taught violence, and hatred and greed,
Stunted and twisted, fed the capital creed,
Teach them to love, respect for the earth,
To balances their goals, with the futures worth,
To walk light on the ground.