Easter Hare

The goddess was sleeping within the cold earth,
Waiting for the sounds that foretold the spring’s birth,
The thump of the hares on the new fallen snow,
Said life had awakened, in the soil below.

Ostara she shook out her bonny red hair,
And breathed in the frost, and tasted the cold air,
But she spied a young sparrow, lying under a tree,
Hatched out of it’s egg, too soon broken free.

The heart of the goddess, was heavy and torn,
Had she slept in too late, that bright star of the morn,
She took the limp sparrow, into her warm hand,
And looked out upon awakening land.

Your wings I can’t mend, from the cold they are bare,
But I’ll give you the form of a swift running hare,
Swapping feathers for fur, you will stay safe and warm,
In your nest on the ground in the harsh winter storm.

And once every year, when the spring voice is heard,
You will lay a sweet egg, just as you were a bird,
And in all of the world, my praises they’ll sing,
For the merciful goddess that brings in the spring.

Easter Hunt

by Daniel Kelly

   G                  C
It’s another Easter morning,
     G        D
The hunt is under way
C                    Bm          Am
Treasures glitter under every tree

While life is springing in the north,
It’s waning in the south,
         C            D           G
We revel in the last warm autumn days.

     G          D
Running on, Running Free
                C      D        G
Through each flower, leaf and tree,
     Bm         C
Let the magic of each moment
          C          D    G
Take you where you need to be.
     Bm       C
Not a care for tomorrow,
     G    D
Just living for today,
C            D        G
Laughing at the beauty on the way.

The seasons they are turning,
In the mind of every child,
Nature shares its message clear and true.

But absurd religious dogma,
Then eats their dreams away,
Draining colour from the summer leaves


Hold on to your child eyes,
Keep the wonder in your heart
Never let your searching soul be tamed

Ode to the Christmas Tree


by Daniel Kelly 2021
     G              C         G
We hang the fruit upon the boughs,
        C        G
In the dark of year,
Am                 D
When cold winds howl,
      G                C       G
The fruit reminds of summer last,
    C          G
And winter’s chill,
D          G
Soon to be past.

   C    G       D
Oh Christmas Tree,
    G      D    C
Oh Christmas Tree,
    G            Em
Glowing in the winter night,
C       D     G
For all humanity

We hang the lights among the green,
To warm our hearts,
When times are lean,
The lights are stars in darkest night,
They call the sun,
To return bright.

We stack the gifts, below the tree,
Wrapped up tight,
We cannot see,
The gifts reflect our love so true,
From heart to heart,
From me to you.

We lift the star, to sit aloft,
We sing her praise,
With voices soft,
The star is hope, for future new,
The night will pass,
We’ll make it through,

Jólakötturinn (Yule Cat)

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

Am                   G          Am
Soft paws step on the snow at night,
C             G            Em         Am
Yellow eyes gleam in the midwinters light,
Am                         G          Am
Peering through windows scratching at doors,
C             G            Am   G    Am
Checking if people have done their chores.
   C    G           Am   G    Am
Jola Kurttinn, the Christmas cat,
   C            G          Em     Am
Clothe your children or he’ll grow fat,
C               G      Am G    Am  
For every good parent surely knows,
C                    G          Am
Jola eats children without new clothes.

Spin the wool, work hard in the field,
Save your krona or your fate is sealed,
Make sure the new clothes go under the tree,
For prowling Jola to clearly see. 

Next time your cat climbs the Christmas tree,
A child of Jola, they just might be,
Waiting for you to forget the clothes,
So they can dine on your children’s toes.




Merry Friggin’ Christmas

by Daniel Kelly 2020
The year started with fire,
burned Australia till May,
The Wuhan flue in China,
Didn’t just go away,
1.3 million souls are dead,
And the year still isn’t done,
I sure hope things are better,
In 2021.

So merry friggin Christmas,
C                    D
it sure has been a year,
C                          D
But I won’t be drinking egg-nog,
or singing songs of cheer,
Cause Trump’s still in the whitehouse,
G               Em
Covid’s out of control,
     C                    D
It sure won’t feel like Christmas,
D                          G
Till we’re out of this darn hole.

Hong Kong took their democracy
And punched it in the face,
One country two systems,
China laid it all to waste,
Students shot and beaten,
The Communist thugs rule,
The voice of hope and freedom,
Is drowning in the pool.

Now Joe won the election,
He won it fair and square,
But Donald threw a tantrum,
And said it wasn’t fair,
Just like the streak of hair dye,
Down Giuliani’s face,
I need to find a way out,
Of this crazy place.

(last chorus)
I think I’ll take a pass,
And go back into lockdown,
Happy Christmas my Arse.


Sing Noel (Buy Christmas)

       G              C              D
Gonna buy me some happiness this Christmas
      G          C            D
They got it for sale in the stores,
         C             D
On the shelves going cheap,
         G              C
You can take home and keep,
      Em         C        D
The spirit of Christmas joy.

  G    C     D     G
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
        Em          C    D
We will gather and sing Noel,
             G           Em        D          
Though the world may be going to hell,
         Em        D     G
We will gather and sing Noel

I’ll save women from violence this Christmas,
Teach men and boys respect for them all,
Return power to the child,
The mother and the wife,
Give them freedom from fear

I’m stopping oppression this Christmas,
Freeing the prisoners of faith,
The stateless, the homeless,
The helpless and lost,
Home and friends for all,

Let’s impeach Donald Trump this Christmas,
Heaven knows how he got in,
In less than a year,
He’s bred violence and fear,
Stolen hope from the poor.

Christmas in China


G              C       G
The elves are busy working,
C             D         G
In Yiwu just south of Shanghai,
C          D        G        C
14 hours a day, for minimal pay,
Em                 C               G
lungs choked with paint fumes and glue,
G                     C             Bm      Em
It’s a small price to pay, for your festive day,
C            D            Em
and the only job they can do.
C            D           G
It the only job they can do.

C                   D         G
It’s Christmas in Communist China,
C                    D         G
We’re making your iPhones and toys,
Em                D           C         G
There won’t be stockings or Christmas Trees,
C             D         G
No peace or goodwill to men,
C              D          C         G
Just state propaganda, violence and fear
       G           C           G
And a hope it will come to and end

I’m here in the factory prison,
Making purses to sell at Walmart,
I’ve slipped in a note, one that I wrote,
To ask you to tell of my plight,
We work night and day, fading away,
And beaten for working too slow,
Beaten for working too slow.

The political prisoners are dying,
Locked up for what they believe,
As we share the joy, on Christmas day
Their friends and family are far away
Caged and shamed, hidden from view,
By a state that fears the truth,
By a state that fears the truth

The party hangs on to its power,
With violence and money and lies,
The people are lost, paying the cost,
Of smashing and burning their soul,
They tore down the temples, trampled their dreams,
I hope they will find them anew,
I hope they will find them anew