GNU’s Not Unix (v1.2)

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
(Attribution, NonCommercial, ShareAlike)
by Daniel Kelly - 2022

  C        G    C
Well GNU’s Not Unix,
F               C
What is Unix? You may ask,
F               C
It’s a Computer Operating System,
F               G
From the distant past.
F               C
Long before Micro was Soft, or
F            C
Apple had a mouse,
F               C
Unix was the solid rock,
C               G          C
On which Software built its house.

But Unix was a jealous beast,
Held tight by AT&T,
They'd send trade-secret binaries,
No source code you could see.
The price, it was a pittance,
But it cost your liberty:
You couldn't change and share it,
for that code wasn't free.

And then a knight, burst on the scene,
A warrior of code,
Free Software was his battle cry,
And up to the beast he strode,
I can do this just as well as you,
Is what Richard Stallman said,
And If you won’t release source code,
Then I’ll write my own instead.

There was one little problem,
At the heart of Richard’s Plan,
The GNU she lacked a kernel,
Without which nothing ran,
But there was a Finnish Wizard,
Who’d been working in the lab,
To build a kernel of his own,
That penguin turned out fab.

So when you use that Android phone,
or boot up your PC,
Remember Richard Stallman,
Who set your software free,
And remember Linus Torvalds,
The Finn who wrote the code,
For the Penguin that flaps at the hearts,
Of a billion server nodes.