Triumph of the Witch

by Daniel Kelly - 2023

    Em           G
Oh Lucy I can’t sleep tonight,
         D                G
There’s something on my mind,
    C            G
I feel as if the world is slowly,
    C        D
Starting to unwind,

A dreadful thing is hanging there,
    C            G
Just beyond my sight,
    C                G
Come out with me and let us see,
         D                G
What trouble brews this night.

Aslan, he steals away from camp,
Beneath the moon aglow,
We’ll follow him a short way off,
To see where he does go,

Oh children why do you follow me,
This thing I must do alone,
But I’d be glad of your company,
Until a little from the stone,

Do rest your hands upon my mane,
And walk with me as I go,
My heart is heavy on this night,
With all the things I know,

About the path before me,
And the paths I leave behind,
The way ahead is darkness,
Before the light we find,

Here you must stop and leave me,
And keep well out of sight,
They anointed him with kisses,
And wept tears on the night,

And the things they saw thereafter,
I shall not further tell,
But it was Lucy and brave Susan,
Who watched the king who fell,