Happy Star Wars Day Mark Hamill

by Daniel Kelly – 2024

Happy Star Wars Day Mark Hamill,
Did you ever ride a camel,
G                       D
I’m sure that a wee dram’ll,
      A                 G          D
Help you get into the spirit of the day,

And did you know that Wookies,
Are very fond of Porg meat cookies,
Most Star Pilots now are rookies,
But the empire is all gone so it’s okay,
Yes it’s okay.

      G           D           A
And may the Force with you always,
      G           D                 A
By your side through all of your days,
      Em          G        D
You’ve inspired us in all ways,
      G           D       A
May the Force be with us all, x 2

So raise a green glass from a siren,
May the fourth have you aspir’n,
To forty eight years of re-hiring,
By Disney and the franchise of all time,

And we all miss Princess Leia,
That bold empire slayer,
It’s a shame they didn’t pay her,
Quite as much as she deserved, they had some nerve,

Today the filkers will be filking,
And cosplayers will be silking,
And Darth Vader will be still king,
As the Storm Troopers miss every single shot,

We all remember gladly,
How a Princes was saved quite badly,
And Obi-wan died sadly,
And we learned about lightsabers and the Force,